Thursday, September 15th, 2016


Carter Discusses Dealing with Addiction; Inspiration Received from his Mother; and how Getting Cut by the Philadelphia Eagles Influenced his Career Path                    

ORLANDO, Fla. (Sept. 15, 2016) – Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter will be the next featured guest on Feherty, premiering Tuesday (Sept. 20) at 10 p.m. ET on Golf Channel. In a candid, emotional conversation, the former Minnesota Viking opens up about his dealings with both drug and alcohol addiction and temptations in today’s society, something that show host David Feherty can relate to, having risen above a history of alcoholism and addiction in his own life. Other topics discussed include:

  • Expanding on his much criticized presentation at the 2014 Rookie Symposium where he offered advice for players to have a “fall guy.”
  • Carter’s decision to honor his mother in such a demonstrative way during his Hall of Fame induction speech in 2013.
  • How getting cut by Philadelphia Eagles head coach Buddy Ryan for his off-field troubles inspired him to become accountable and ultimately one of the most prolific players in the NFL.


“When you’re young, there’s alcohol everywhere… It’s become such a part of our society. But it’s like a blood transfusion with the wrong blood. People think with a blood transfusion, it will save you. Well, [it will] if you have that blood. But if it’s not the right blood, it will kill you. So for me I just look at life and death. If I drink, it’s going to kill me.” – Cris Carter

“I’m tired of kids being stupid. I’m tired of kids bringing their lifestyle to the National Football League and that lifestyle costing them a profession and costing them an ability to make a living. I’m sick and tired of young people bringing their crew, their family members, their guys that they grew up with. They bring them into the league, and they serve them no purpose but to get them in trouble.” – Cris Carter

“When you look at that day [Philadelphia Eagles head coach Buddy Ryan] was throwing me off a bridge. There wasn’t a life raft or anything. I went home and said to myself, ‘Buddy Ryan is not going to be right, he can’t be right.’ So every day was ‘I’m going to make him wrong.’ Because he was wrong about me. The person that he knew, he was right about. I remember his words, saying he ‘couldn’t depend on me.’ For me that became kind of my moniker that I’m going to make sure that people can depend on me.” – Cris Carter

“I wanted the world to know that my mother is one of the most successful women that’s ever walked the face of the earth. Because she’s one of only 275 mothers that have a son that’s in the Hall [of Fame]. There was no other grander day for me to tell her ‘thank you’ than that day.”

Cris Carter

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