Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Driver vs. Driver Judges

Tim Clarke
President of Wilson Golf and twenty year golf industry veteran Tim Clarke knows the secret to being the oldest original golf brand in competition is respecting the past, living in the present, and innovating for the future. With Tim at the helm, Wilson Golf’s multi-million dollar investments in R&D has paid off with ahead-of-the-curve innovations, world-class equipment, and a booming tour presence.

Brian Urlacher
Former National Football League® (NFL) linebacker Brian Urlacher is an avid golfer with a single-digit handicap. The self-professed golf equipment “junkie” retired in 2013 after a 13-year career in the NFL, and now he has turned his competitive focus to the golf course.

Frank Thomas
Frank Thomas is one of the world’s leading golf equipment experts and innovators with more than 40 years of golf technology experience. During his quarter century tenure as the USGA Technical Director, Frank developed the extensive testing procedures that are still used to measure golf equipment’s performance today.