Sunday, August 14th, 2016


Golf Channel Notable Quotes
Sunday, August 14
Olympic Golf Course, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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MEN’S GOLF COMPETITION – NBC & GOLF CHANNEL (Simulcast on NBC’s Daytime Olympic coverage for approximately 90 minutes)

Analyst Johnny Miller on the pressure of the Olympics: “The pressure always ramps up when you’re trying to do something no one’s done, or is very rare. And that’s what Rose, Stenson and Kuchar are going through right now. This is an unknown quantity of a chance to get an Olympic medal.”

Play-by-play voice Terry Gannon on Great Britain’s Justin Rose, who won the gold medal in men’s golf: “A week that began with so much doubt – and a resounding end and an exclamation point.”

Miller on American Matt Kuchar, who won a bronze medal with a final round 63: “This is the greatest round of Kuchar’s career…even if he doesn’t get gold, what a try.”

Kuchar to reporter Steve Sands following his final round 63 to win a bronze medal: “I was amazed by the nerves.  I can assure you, I’ve never been so excited to finish Top 3 in my life. It’s never happened. I can’t explain to you the pride that I feel now – just busting out of my chest…just to make an Olympics, and then to medal, is amazing.”

Play-by-play announcer Terry Gannon on Kuchar, following his final round 63: “A man who’s played in three Ryder Cups, three President’s Cups, he’s had seven wins – this might be the most significant week ever for him.”

Analyst David Feherty: “The standard of play has been staggering. There’s something about these Olympic Games that inspires these men, and will inspire the ladies no doubt next week.”


On atmosphere and significance of golf in the Olympics:
Analyst Nick Faldo: “The gold medal is bigger than our game of golf. This was putting golf on the biggest stage in the world, the Olympic Games, where we are just part of it.”
Analyst Nick Faldo: “The atmosphere, the people, the golf, just about everything has been 10 out of 10.”
Analyst Nick Faldo: “The bottom line, [the golfers] grasp so quickly the importance and the atmosphere and the sheer power of an Olympic gold medal.”

Host Rich Lerner: “This was a fresh breeze that blew right through the sport, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. There were far too many grim press conferences with some young golfers the last couple of months and there was just an awful a lot of negativity. And I think this is about the happiest I’ve seen the sport in a long, long time.”

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