Thursday, August 11th, 2016


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Golf Central Live From the Olympics
Thursday, August 11
Olympic Golf Course, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Marcus Fraser (8-under, Australia – Leader) speaking with NBC Olympics’ Steve Sands following his round
Marcus Fraser – “I felt like I played great and the putter was definitely hot today… The experience is one of a kind, which I suppose the Olympics is supposed to be. It’s far outweighed my expectations my a long way. The whole experience has just blown me away. The golf course is awesome, but everything that goes with the whole week has just exceeded my expectations.”

On Fraser
Nick Faldo – “I don’t think we thought [a 63] was going to happen on day one, but that’s incredible. When you watch the swimming, you see Olympic record on the leaderboards. Well this is an Olympic record round.”
Johnny Miller – “It’s hard the next day to follow up [a round like that]. So if he can shoot any score in the 60s tomorrow he’s going to be right there for the weekend.”

Henrik Stenson (5-under, Sweden – T-2nd) speaking with Sands following his round
Henrik Stenson – “It certainly was not easy out there… I kept it together for that tough stretch which was probably 10 through 14, and I picked up a few [birdies] coming back home… It was a nice reception on the first tee and a nice atmosphere for sure.”

Graham DeLaet (5-under, Canada – T-2nd) speaking with Sands following his round
Graham DeLaet – “This is something that I never really anticipated growing up as a golfer… There’s just an extra little bit of pride obviously. Every week I know there’s 35 million people north of the border that are cheering for me, but this week’s a little bit more special obviously. It’s first time I’ve really been nervous on the first tee… probably since the Presidents Cup.”

Justin Rose (4-under, Great Britain – T-4th) speaking with Sands following his round
Justin Rose – “I thought it was tough out there. The course is really great from the point of view that it’s designed to play well in this type of wind… The general vibe out there was very happy, everyone was really enjoying the golf. It was a lot of fun to play today.”

Matt Kuchar (2-under, United States – T-11th) speaking with Sands following his round
Matt Kuchar – “The wind is quite a defense around this course. It’s fairly forgiving off the tee, but with this wind just trying to keep it in play and out of some of the waste areas is a bit more challenging. And the wind took a big effect on some of the putts today… It’s amazing, the whole experience [at the Olympics].”

Martin Kaymer (2-under, Germany – T-11th) speaking with Sands following his round
Martin Kaymer – “The expectations are so high and you want to deliver really badly… That was probably the biggest challenge today. It’s difficult to describe it, but there’s so much passion.”

Sergio Garcia (2-under, Spain – T-11th) speaking with Sands following his round
Sergio Garcia – “It was blowing hard this afternoon, gusty and changing directions. We were hitting some great shots that were making us look kind of stupid. But I was very pleased with that eagle on the last and I thought it was a well-played round in the conditions. I’m happy with it… [Being an Olympian] is amazing. I think it’s something that not many people can say. It’s even tougher than being on a Ryder Cup team which is already very difficult. I’m very proud and I’m representing my country the best that I can.”

Adilson da Silva (1-over, Brazil – T-35th) speaking with Sands about hitting the first Olympics golf shot in 112 years
Adilson da Silva – “I was nervous, but I enjoyed the moment… What an honor… I can only compare that [moment] with when my son was born. It was a nice moment and incredible. In my [playing] career that was my best moment…I think [having golf back in the Olympics] is going to improve a lot and create a lot of awareness and interest in the game… It’s nice to see a lot of people out there [on the golf course]. Even the people that don’t know what’s happening, they’re [out here] supporting [the event].”

On golf’s return to the Olympics for the first time since 1904
Faldo – “We can all feel it. We know this is something special.”
Miller – “I think these guys are going to be so thrilled to be on the podium getting any one of those three medals… You’re doing it for your country. You want to do it for yourself too, but it’s a little different than just being a lone wolf out there.”

On the conditions of the newly constructed golf course
Roger Maltbie – “It changed complexion as the day went on, started to firm up. It looks like it would be bouncy, runny and fast and it just wasn’t playing the way at all. But you can see it’s been firming up as the day goes on.”

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