Friday, July 29th, 2016


Golf Central Live From the PGA Championship Notable Quotes
98th PGA Championship – Round 2
Friday, July 29
Baltusrol Golf Club, Springfield Township, N.J.

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On Jimmy Walker (9-under, T-1st)
Brandel Chamblee – “Yes he can hit it nine miles, he’s great with a wedge and he’s just a marvelous scrambler. But he’s not driving it straight, and he’s making wonderful recoveries. When you start to look at what Jimmy Walker’s strengths are, it’s hard to get past what he does on and around the greens.”
David Duval – “There’s belief in what he’s doing and the path that he’s on. And that’s when you have to have the patience as a player to recognize that you don’t need to change anything.”
Frank Nobilo – “He’ll have to drive it a little bit straighter, but he’s been marvelous from 25-30 feet. [He putts] almost like a modern day Brad Faxon.”

On Robert Streb (9-under, T-1st)
Chamblee – “When we talk about the depth of field in the PGA Championship, we’re talking about how many players from 51st in the world to 100th in the world that show up here and still have a chance. This man is 74th in the world and proving that under the right conditions that he can play as well as anyone in the world.”

On Jason Day (7-under, T-3rd)
Nobilo – “I think the putter woke up. I think he plays a little bit like [Tom] Watson did in the late 70’s and 80’s. Where he can turn it around and a lot of other people would shoot 69 or 70. He turned hard holes into birdie holes. That’s the gear that very few people in the field have. And he’s able to replicate that on a regular basis.”
Chamblee – “I think you could make the hole smaller and he’d still find it.”

On Henrik Stenson (6-under, 5th)
Nobilo ­– “In today’s world [his 3-wood] is almost a vintage car. This is 2008 technology. They don’t sell them anymore. You probably can’t even find them on eBay… But it’s a favorite [club of his].”
Duval – “There’s no way Henrik Stenson would ever give [the 3-wood] up. You think they’re not on eBay, but it’s probably because he’s bought them all. He’s probably got a stack of them back at his house. Because if you can find comfort in that club like that, it actually ultimately does free you up with the driver. And we’ve referenced his struggles with the driver.”

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