Sunday, July 17th, 2016


Golf Channel on NBC Notable Quotes
The 145TH Open – Final Round
Sunday, July 17
Royal Troon Golf Club, Troon, Scotland

Henrik Stenson (20-under, winner) speaking with NBC Sports’ Mike Tirico following his victory
Henrik Stenson – “In a way it makes it easy when you’re up against someone like Phil. You know he’s not going to back down and he’s going to try to make birdies on every hole. So I just tried to do the same and [I’m] just delighted to come out on top and [that I] managed to win this trophy.”

Stenson – “I’ve been so focused this week, this day in particular. I’ve just been trying to stay in the moment. I felt like it was my time. I believed it was my time and managed to pull through and have a great finish.”

Phil Mickelson (17-under, 2nd) speaking with Golf Channel on NBC’s Steve Sands following his round
Phil Mickelson – “I thought we played pretty good golf. I hit a lot of good shots and Henrik made 10 birdies. He and I have been friends for quite some time and I really like and respect him. I’m really happy for him, as much as I’m disappointed with the outcome. He’s a class act and he played phenomenal. He hit the ball so solid yesterday and today especially. What a great champion. He just played some incredible golf. I threw as much at him as I could and he didn’t make any mistakes. Just incredible play. What a great champion he is.”

On Stenson
Johnny Miller – “I wasn’t sure if Stenson had the right stuff to win a major. But today, I am so impressed. A dream round for him. Well deserved. The best ball striker in the world the last 3-4 years and he putted like an absolute genius today. Just great, great putting which he’s not known for.”
Gary Koch – “I think we all felt like if there was a potential problem that he might have, a problem that he’s been plagued with when he’s tried to win majors before, it’s been [his putter]. Remarkable putting.”
Peter Jacobsen – “Coming into this round I thought it was going to be a match between Houdini – Mickelson – with his great escapes and saves vs. Henrik Stenson, who I would say is Iron Byron with his precision. And in the end it was Stenson who grabbed that magic.”
Miller – “He won’t ever forget this round. That will be his signature moment in golf. And who knows, maybe he’ll get another major or two now that the door is open.”
David Feherty – “He’s about worn the face of that 3-wood out. And I mean the very middle of the face.”

On the back-and-forth momentum swings between Stenson and Mickelson
Miller – “We all knew it was going to be fabulous to cover The Open, but this exceeded my expectations.”
Roger Maltbie – “Two great players on form and it [came] down to a matter of will.”
Jacobsen – “The golf has almost been like you’re playing a video game. No problems whatsoever.”
Feherty – “To find one player doing this in a major championship is one thing, but to get two of them really is a special thing to see. It’s just been a privilege to watch this round.”

On Mickelson
Miller – “You’ve got to give some kudos to Phil Mickelson. Only four bogeys the whole week and shoot 65 in the final round. You’d think that would definitely be good enough. [You’d think] that would be maybe even a big runaway. And it just wasn’t enough. But he sure hung in there really well.”
Jacobsen – “I think the magic that Mickelson shows us all… It doesn’t matter if it’s a two dollar bet or it’s the final round of The Open, it’s a challenge to him. And he’s in his element when things are difficult.”
Maltbie – “It [took] some playing golf today. It’s just getting beat by the better man on the day.”

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