Saturday, June 18th, 2016


Golf Channel Notable Quotes
Golf Central Live From the U.S. Open
Saturday, June 18, 2016 (primetime show)
Oakmont Country Club, Oakmont, Pa.

**Golf Central Live From the U.S. Open continues Sunday morning, immediately following the conclusion of the third round, and additionally will follow the conclusion of play tomorrow evening.**

On the diverse group of players in contention heading into Sunday
Chamblee – “I don’t know if I have ever seen a leaderboard that represents more heartache, and more inexperience. It is one heck of a juxtaposition… A lot of people picked an Irishman to win the U.S. Open this week. So in a roundabout way, this time tomorrow night they may well be right. I don’t think anybody in this world picked the 624th-ranked player in the world to win, so in every single way they [would] be shocked. When you consider just who is nipping at their heels, Dustin Johnson, Lee Westwood, Sergio Garcia and all of the heartache between them. That is 49 top-10s in major championships between them.”
Nobilo – “We’re getting eerily close to that ‘man against the moment’.”

On Shane Lowry (5-under, 1st: through 14 holes in his third round)
Chamblee – “He is the Irishman equivalent to Angel Cabrera in almost every way. A very comfortable, relaxed nature. And if there is any advantage to inexperience, he doesn’t get asked the tough question, ‘what was it like to lose last year, or lose last week?’… He can work the ball every direction, but around here his [putting] stroke is one of the big reasons that he’s atop this leaderboard. He’s more than just a good golf swing.”
Nobilo – “If Lowry were to go on [to win], between McDowell, Rory and Lowry, you might as well call it the Irish Open since 2010.”
Nobilo – “Sadly he’s in a little bit of a predicament because of the Ryder Cup situation. He said he’s going to defend at Firestone opposite the French Open where they get double points. In some respects, he needs to win the U.S. Open for more than one reason, because somehow Europe has sort of closed the door on him.”

On Andrew Landry (3-under, 2nd: through 13 holes in his third round)
Duval – “I am most impressed so far with Andrew Landry. He’s on the biggest stage of his career, the biggest moment he’s ever faced. He’s staring down Dustin Johnson and he has played the prototypical U.S. Open. Steady as she goes, hitting it in the fairway, knocking it on the greens and not making mistakes.”
Nobilo – “You have to applaud him in the fact that he hasn’t complained this week… He’s struggling for starts and here’s a guy with everything to gain and of course no one is really focusing on him.”
Chamblee – “If you’re looking for a star who was about to be born, you’re looking at a guy who is 624th ranked in the world, but not for long.”

On Dustin Johnson (2-under, T-3rd: through 13 holes in his third round)
Chamblee – “Dustin Johnson, since his finish last year from then to now, I doubt in any interview that he hasn’t been asked about [the 2015 U.S. Open]. To show up at every major championship and continue to put himself back into position speaks to his talent. And at some point, he’s going to be the right man at the right time and all of the luck is going to go his way. And perhaps that moment is tomorrow.”
Nobilo – “In some respects, stopping [due to darkness] was probably a good thing. Today was different. He’s already missed seven greens in regulation through the first 13 holes… You’re trying to self-correct in the middle of the round…His golf through the first two days was absolutely sublime. So it was probably a perfect time for Dustin Johnson to have stopped his round.”
Duval – “He’s gone through that cycle, that stretch of holes where he’s had his problems… I think coming back tomorrow [morning] to finish [his third round] is going to be good for him… He’s not the only one in the field who’s not making putts, he’s just had a lot of chances.”

On Lee Westwood (2-under, T-3rd: through 15 holes in his third round)
Duval – “He’s at the stage of his career where [a major] almost becomes gravy. But the time is ticking away. He wants to win so desperately, but he also knows he just needs to go out and be who he is. And if he does that, he has a good chance to win.”
Chamblee – “People remember him coming up short [in majors]. In critical moments, he’s made critical mistakes.”

On Sergio Garcia (2-under, T-3rd: through 14 holes in his third round)
Duval – “He has this fire in him right now. He’s matured immensely and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him win the golf tournament. I think it’d be a great thing for the game of golf.”

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