Sunday, April 10th, 2016


Golf Central Live From the Masters Notable Quotes
Sunday, April 10 (9 a.m. – 2 p.m. ET)
Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Ga.

On Sunday at the Masters
Mark Rolfing – “The dynamic of what is going to happen at Augusta National changed totally from Saturday night when Jordan did what he did on the last couple of holes to Sunday morning.”

Notah Begay – “Every round that you get at Augusta National, you have the opportunity to learn.”

Colin Montgomerie – “The pins are very accessible, scoring is going to be low. Who isn’t frightened to go low? There is one guy who is not frightened to go low. Jason Day, he is going to put pressure on the leaders today.”

Rich Lerner – “For golfers, this is as close to a national holiday as we are going to get. It is Masters Sunday.”

David Duval – “I for one, as a fan of the game, as an analyst, am so happy that these windy conditions are behind us. I really didn’t want to see the players going out and battling and struggling. I want to see birdies. I want to see some eagles.”

Begay – “We are going to hear more roars. We want to hear more roars.”

On Jordan Spieth, leader heading into Sunday’s final round
Lerner – “Jordan is good friends with Steph Curry. They have a lot in common. Nothing but net from long range.”

David Duval – “That is the kind of groundhog day you want as a golfer. To be leading the Masters for three straight years.”

Notah Begay – “Jordan is doing what champions do. He is learning how to win ugly versus losing pretty.”

Begay – “He is still in the lead without playing his best golf.”

Montgomerie – “Everyone got a lift. All their dinners tasted better last night than it would have done otherwise.”

Lerner – “Jordan has the ability to win ugly. We are seeing that this week.”

Montgomerie – “The first three or four holes are vital. If Jordan Spieth is 1-under through four, he’s ok. If he is 1-over, then we have a game on.”

On Spieth’s coach, Cameron McCormick, returning Sunday morning to Augusta
Brandel Chamblee –  “Flying his coach in, there is a bit of a desperate nature to that. “Bobby Jones famously said to Jack Nicklaus’ father, Charlie, that he didn’t become the player he was until he learned to self-correct and quit running back to his coach. Of course, Charlie passed that back to Jack, and it resonated with Jack Nicklaus, and he quit running back to Jack Grout and learned to fix it himself. And through fixing it yourself, I believe there is a confidence in discovery.”

Chamblee – “I think this is a little bit troubling. Having said that, Jordan Spieth has probably driven it about as bad as anyone I have ever seen who is leading a major championship after three rounds.”

On Bernhard Langer, T3 going into Sunday’s final round
Duval – “He is in a good position in that he has nothing to lose.”

Duval – “He just seems to be an ironman.”

Frank Nobilo – “It is amazing, his strength of character.”

Steve Sands – “Bernhard has four children. Three of them are older than Jordan Spieth.”

On Smylie Kaufman, T3 heading into Sunday’s final round and playing with good friend Jordan Spieth in the final pairing on Sunday
Begay – “In the back of Smylie Kaufman’s mind, he knows if he goes out and plays his game and executes and focuses to his capability, he can beat Jordan Spieth and he can win this tournament.”

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