Saturday, April 9th, 2016


Golf Central Live From the Masters Notable Quotes
Saturday, April 9 (7:30-9:30 p.m. ET)
Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Ga.

On Jordan Spieth, leader by one at 3-under par (1-over par 73 on Saturday)
Rich Lerner – “Third round of the Masters and a wild ride for the defending champion Jordan Spieth.”

Lerner – “It feels like he is holding it together with glue at this point.”

Ryan Burr – “Rich Lerner started the broadcast by saying Jordan Spieth was holding things together with glue. By the time he got done with 17 and 18, that glue became tape, and it wasn’t duct tape, it was scotch.”

David Duval – “His golf game today was ok. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t awful. But he went out and did exactly what he needed to do. Certainly he has a finish he wants to forget, but he is still leading the golf tournament.”

Frank Nobilo – “It has been a topsy-turvy week for Jordan Spieth.”

Brandel Chamblee – “Very often he leaves us scratching our head on how he does it. His strategy when he gets out of position, he finds a way to get himself back into position.”

Arron Oberholser – “I’ve never seen a guy who looked so in control look so out of control that late in the day.”

Chamblee – “His wedge play has been exemplary.”

On Smylie Kaufman, currently in second place at 2-under par (3-under par 69 on Saturday)
Nobilo – “I have no idea how Smylie Kaufman shot 69. No question round of the day and certainly put him in the thick of things.”

Jim Gallagher, Jr. – “He has got a plan. He is happy where he is and he’s done the work. He’s come a long way and that is what you want from college, which is continuing to get better.”

Gallagher, Jr. – “He likes the pressure. He is going to have pressure like he has never seen.”

On 58-year old Bernhard Langer, T3 at 1-under par (2-under par 70 on Saturday)
Chamblee – “This is the 30th anniversary of the World Rankings. When they debuted, Bernhard Langer was the number one player in the world. He played today with the current number one player in the world and beat him by one shot.”

Chamblee – “Here is Bernhard Langer at age 58, far eclipsing anybody’s wildest expectations.”

Duval – “It is hard to make heads or tails of what has been going on. The big story has been the weather as much as anything. The wind has made it incredibly difficult for these players to get continuous momentum through a round of golf. We are in for a shootout tomorrow for sure.”

Lerner – “Past winners are members of the ‘Masters Club.’ 22-year old Jordan Spieth is a member, as is 58-year old Bernhard Langer. Langer also happens to be a member of AARP. Guys who are members of AARP are not supposed to be contending at the Masters deep into the weekend, but here he is at 1-under par.”

Nobilo – “I think it is surprising because a 58-year old doesn’t normally do what he is doing right now. He is meticulous. He leaves nothing to chance. It is amazing.”

Nobilo – “Yesterday we were talking about the potential of an amateur, Bryson DeChambeau, winning. Now, today, less than 24 hours later, we are talking about the potential of a 58-year old to do it.”

Duval – “He is well-known to battle the ‘heebie-jeebies,’ as Ernie Els calls it, on multiple occasions, and he’s always figured a way around it through work, through practicing and experimenting.”

Oberholser – “The golf ball doesn’t know how old you are. Nor does it care.”

On Hideki Matsuyama, T3 at 1-under par (even-par 72 on Saturday)
Chamblee – “Nobody follows a bogey with a higher percentage of birdies than Hideki Matsuyama.”

Chamblee – “He is fully committed and marvelously talented.”

On Saturday at the Masters
Chamblee – “This has been – in my memory – the quietest Masters. It is like the archive room in The Vatican. You hardly heard any cheers or applause. It has been a very difficult Masters tournament for the first three days.”

Nobilo – “When the dust settles we now still have the top three players within five shots of each other.”

Lerner – “Wild swings in momentum right until the very end.”

On Jason Day, T5 even par (1-under par 71 on Saturday)
Lerner – “World No. 1 is lurking.”

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