Saturday, April 9th, 2016


Golf Central Live From the Masters Notable Quotes
Saturday, April 9 (9 a.m.-3 p.m. ET)
Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Ga.

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Two-time Masters Champion Ben Crenshaw with Golf Channel’s Steve Sands on Live From the Masters
Crenshaw – “I’ve always said it is an emotional golf course to play because you have a different set of conditions.”

Crenshaw – “There is nothing like being in the hunt at this tournament. There is no other feeling like it.”

Crenshaw – “You can’t play safe and win this tournament. You’ve got to take chances.”

Crenshaw – “This golf course was always designed in mind to be a thinking test. You are forced to make decisions that you not otherwise would during the year because there is no set of circumstances like this.”

On Saturday at the Masters and the windy conditions
Nick Faldo – “The players have got to completely concentrate on their own game, what they are doing, how the play every shot. There is no letup on this golf course.”

Faldo – “You’ve got to battle. Battle as hard as you can on everything.”

Faldo – “This is what we were hoping in the game of golf. We need Michael Buffer to say, ‘Let’s get ready to rumble.’ This could be hopefully one of the classic prize fights that golfers has in the past and really wants now. These two guys at Augusta National in the Masters going head to head. I hope they survive together all day long.”

Notah Begay – “I think we finally get to see what a real major championship looks like in the sense of the difficulty. Yesterday [Friday] at Augusta National just proved that you have to be on top of your game, and it punished players that weren’t.”

Mark Rolfing – “It has already over delivered and it is going to be somewhat of an epic afternoon. This is going to be a test I don’t think anybody that is out at Augusta National today has ever seen in major championship history. I don’t think they have seen a windy, hard, firm golf course like Augusta National is today.”

Tripp Isenhour – “These are Open championship-type winds on a non-Open Championship type golf course. This is great on links golf. What confounds the players are the elevation changes at Augusta National. They are severe. Tall pines, gusty winds, swirly conditions on a golf course where a premium is placed on putting the ball flag-high and in the right areas of the greens.”

Arron Oberholser – “Patience and a good sense of humor. Players need both of that on the golf course today.”

Colin Montgomerie – “The weather is dictating what happens here.”

Montgomerie – “This is all about patience, and who can handle the mistakes the best.”

Rolfing – “There are going to be 57 tired players today. They are going to get worn out.”

David Duval – “They are facing a challenge unlike anything they have seen before at Augusta National. It’s brutal, that is the only way you can put it. It’s brutal.”

Duval – “Today is going to be a day of patience, skill, nerve and luck.”

Duval – “Nobody has seen the golf course this way.”

Kelly Tilghman – “It’s not an easy start, it’s not going to be an easy finish and it’s not going to be easy in the middle either.”

Brandel Chamblee – “So hard to guess club selection on every single situation, and such a penalty for it.”

On Jordan Spieth, second round leader
Chamblee – “The tougher the situation the better he gets. There are not too many other players that you can say that about.”

Duval – “One thing that doesn’t show up in the stats is what is inside his head and what is in his heart. Those are two of the intangibles that make Jordan Spieth, Jordan Spieth.”

Duval – “The heart, the desire. You’ve got to think your way around, and he has shown that he is as good as anybody at that.”

On two-time Masters Champion Seve Ballesteros’ 59th birthday today
Nick Faldo – “I know Frank and I, and many on the European Tour, would like to wish Seve a happy birthday, he would have been 59 today. What he did for us and the European Tour and coming here and winning. We didn’t have anything remotely close to prepare ourselves for Augusta National. How Europe came to have that amazing dominance when we won 8 out of 12 was really, I don’t know how you put your finger on it.”

Frank Nobilo – “For America, 1912 was special. Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan and Sam Snead, same year. For Europe, it was 1957. The man next to me [Nick Faldo], Bernhard Langer, Woosnam, Lyle, and the man who led that charge, Seve Ballesteros.”

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