Sunday, April 3rd, 2016


NBC Notable Quotes
Shell Houston Open
Final Round, Sunday, April 3, 2016
Golf Club of Houston
Humble, Texas

Jim Herman (15-under, winner) speaking with Golf Channel on NBC’s Todd Lewis following his round
Jim Herman – “We had a good game plan. Sorry for the tears, but I’m pretty happy. We really did a good job keeping our game plan. We hit a lot of 3-woods… We wanted to give ourselves as many birdie chances as we could and keep it low stress. And jeez, look what happened. Never thought it was possible.”

On Herman
Johnny Miller – “Here’s a guy at the start of the week that was probably a thousand-to-one odds to win. We’re seeing a guy who was sweating bullets, but he’s placing those bullets where he’s supposed to. A life changer for him and his family.”

Miller – “What a fantastic round. He had every reason with all the big names in front of him to fold. And he just hasn’t done it. All the hard work has paid off.”

Mark Rolfing – “He’s trying to do things slowly but he just can’t. He’s moving slowly but everything is happening quickly.”

On Jordan Spieth (8-under, T-13th)
Miller – Yesterday and the day before, he seemed like he was really struggling…I talked to him a little bit on the driving range and I said, “Don’t think of anything, just pretend it is last year, aim at the flag and swing at the flag.’ I’m sure he didn’t listen to me, but basically that is what you’ve got to do. Trick yourself into thinking you have momentum.”

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