Sunday, December 6th, 2015


Golf Channel on NBC Notable Quotes
Hero World Challenge – Final Round
Sunday, Dec. 6, 2-5 p.m. ET (NBC)
Albany Resort
Albany, Bahamas

Bubba Watson (25-under, 1st), speaking with Golf Channel on NBC’s Steve Sands following his victory
Bubba Watson – “It means a lot [to win Tiger Woods’ event]. He’s the guy I looked up to, he’s the guy I wanted to be like. How do you not want to be a champion like him when it comes to golf? All the tournaments he’s won, all the tournaments that he’s competed in at a high level. Playing practice rounds with him, watching him, learning from him. Even though I don’t ask questions, I was learning from him. It’s very impressive to watch his work and his dedication and drive to become the best.”

On Watson
Roger Maltbie – “That’s the artistry of Bubba Watson. He can just make it any way he wants it to look.”
Notah Begay – “His ability to just control trajectories through the bag I think is a big advantage… He’s been able to zone in, use his touch and reap the benefits.”
Justin Leonard – “I think Bubba gets bored sometimes on the golf course. But a place like this where he can really shape and moves things with the angles of the greens is the kind of place where he seems to excel.”
Maltbie – “If you can change the flight of the ball to suit the needs of the shot at hand and you have that at 100% command, that’s just a huge advantage.”

Rickie Fowler (21-under, 3rd) speaking with Sands following an 8-under 64 round
Rickie Fowler – “The scoring conditions are still there with the soft greens. The greens are rolling really well. It actually played a little tougher today with the wind, so I felt like I played pretty solid.”

Jordan Spieth (20-under, 4th) speaking with Sands following his round
Jordan Spieth – “There’s no disappointment… There’s so many easy holes out here. Five par-5s, so many reachable par-4s. For a guy like Bubba, if he’s driving the ball well it’s a pitch-and-putt… Hats off to a great champion in Bubba, but I’m certainly pleased with the way we finished off the year… It’s a season that for me now, I now put those kind of expectations on myself each season. Whether that’s fair or not, it doesn’t matter to me. I’m still going to work as hard as I can to try and achieve the same kind of year we had this year because it certainly was fun.”

On Paul Casey
Gary Koch – “He has putted the ball beautifully all week long and has made more than his share. His pace on the longer putts has been really good.”
Maltbie – “In this game you’re either getting better or you’re getting worse. He’s getting better, and that’s where you want to be.”

Hero World Challenge tournament host Tiger Woods on the status of his health and looking ahead to 2016
Tiger Woods – “The health is different than what it used to be… I’m far from being done. But I have to be patient, which I am not very good at. The golf part, I can be very patient. But when it comes to this stuff, I love to train. I love to bust my butt. I love to get out there and try and get better.”

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