Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015


Georgia vs. Illinois in the Men’s Division
Duke vs. USC in the Women’s Division 

LSU vs. USC in the Men’s Consolation Match
Stanford vs. Baylor in Women’s Consolation Matches

ATLANTA, Ga., Nov. 3, 2015 – The championship matches have been determined for the inaugural East Lake Cup collegiate match play championship at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, Ga. In the men’s division, Georgia will compete against Illinois; in the women’s division, Duke will face off against Southern California (USC), pitting the top-two ranked women’s college programs in the country.

The semifinal matches concluded this morning following suspension of play on Monday due to darkness.  In the men’s division, Georgia (No. 4 seed) defeated defending national champions Louisiana State University (LSU) 3.5-1.5, while Illinois defeated Southern California (USC) 4-1. In the women’s division, Duke defeated defending national champions Stanford 4-1, while USC defeated Baylor 4-1.

The championship and consolation matches began at 11:15 a.m. ET, with the championship matches being played off the first tee and the consolation matches off the 10th tee. The final match will begin at 12:45 p.m. ET.

Golf Channel Tuesday East Lake Cup Programming Schedule (all times ET)
1-2 p.m.                       Golf Central Pre Game
2-5 p.m.                       East Lake Cup Day 2 Matches
5-6 p.m.                       Golf Central

Time Hole  # Match Division Players
11:15 AM 1 USC vs Duke Women’s Robynn Ree (USC) vs Virginia Carta (Duke)
11:25 AM 1 Illinois vs Georgia Men’s Thomas Detry (Illinois) vs Sepp Straka (Georgia)
11:35 AM 1 USC vs Duke Women’s Karen Chung (USC) vs Celine Boutier (Duke)
11:45 AM 1 Illinois vs Georgia Men’s Dylan Meyer (Illinois) vs Zach Healy (Georgia)
11:55 AM 1 USC vs Duke Women’s Kyung Kim (USC) vs Gurbani Singh (Duke)
12:05 PM 1 Illinois vs Georgia Men’s Charlie Danielson (Illinois) vs Jaime Rivarola (Georgia)
12:15 PM 1 USC vs Duke Women’s Gabriella Then (USC) vs Leona Maguire (Duke)
12:25 PM 1 Illinois vs Georgia Men’s Alex Burge (Illinois) vs Greyson Sigg (Georgia)
12:35 PM 1 USC vs Duke Women’s Tiffany Chan (USC) vs Sandy Choi (Duke)
12:45 PM 1 Illinois vs Georgia Men’s Nick Hardy (Illinois) vs Lee McCoy (Georgia)
Time Hole  # Match Division Players
11:15 AM 10 Stanford vs Baylor Women’s Mariah Stackhouse (Stanford) vs Laura Lonardi (Baylor)
11:25 AM 10 LSU vs USC Men’s Sam Burns (LSU) vs Sean Crocker (USC)
11:35 AM 10 Stanford vs Baylor Women’s Lauren Kim (Stanford) vs Lauren Whyte (Baylor)
11:45 AM 10 LSU vs USC Men’s Nathan Jeansonne (LSU) vs Justin Suh (USC)
11:55 AM 10 Stanford vs Baylor Women’s Quirine Eijkenboom (Stanford) vs Louise Gateau-Chovelon (Baylor)
12:05 PM 10 LSU vs USC Men’s Zach Wright (LSU) vs Rico Hoey (USC)
12:15 PM 10 Stanford vs Baylor Women’s Casey Danielson (Stanford) vs Giovana Maymon (Baylor)
12:25 PM 10 LSU vs USC Men’s Brandon Pierce (LSU) vs Andrew Levitt (USC)
12:35 PM 10 Stanford vs Baylor Women’s Shannon Aubert (Stanford) vs Maggie Beth Byers (Baylor)
12:45 PM 10 LSU vs USC Men’s Eric Ricard (LSU) vs Jonah Texeira (USC)


Semifinals Results: 

Women’s Division
Duke Defeats Stanford 4-1
USC Defeats Baylor 4-1

 Duke and USC advance to the East Lake Cup Championship match

Stanford (No. 1)                                vs.                                Duke (No. 4)
Shannon Aubert                                                                      Gurbani Singh (3&2)
Lauren Kim                                                                             Leona Maguire (2&1)
Mariah Stackhouse (2&1)                                                    Virginia Carta
Casey Danielson                                                                     Celiene Boutier (4&3)
Quirine Eijkenboom                                                                Sandy Choi (4&3)

Baylor (No. 2)                                    vs.                                USC (No.3)
Lauren Whyte (1up)                                                             Karen Chung
Giovana Maymom                                                                  Kyung Kim (6&4)
Maggie Beth Byers                                                                 Robynn Ree (4&3)
L. Gateau-Chovelon (1up, 11)                                                Gabriella Then (3&2)
Laura Lonardi (All Square)                                                     Tiffany Chan (1up)

Men’s Division
Georgia def. LSU 3 ½ – 1 ½
Illinois def. USC 4-1 

Georgia and Illinois advance to the East Lake Cup Championship match

LSU (No. 1)                                        vs.                                Georgia (No. 4)
Brandon Pierce                                                                       Jaime Rivarola (7&5)
Sam Burns (4&3)                                                                  Sepp Straka
Zach Wright                                                                            Zach Healy (1up)
Nathan Jeansonne                           Halved                            Greyson Sigg
Eric Ricard                                                                              Lee McCoy (5&4)

USC (No. 2)                                       vs.                                Illinois (No. 3)
Jonah Texeira                                                                          Dylan Meyer (1up, 19 holes)
Justin Suh                                                                                Thomas Detry (1up)
Rico Hoey                                                                               Charlie Danielson (1up)
Andrew Levitt                                                                        Alex Burge (1up)
Sean Crocker (2&1)                                                              Nick Hardy


Baylor’s Lauren Whyte

“I wanted to get that point on the board for us. Obviously getting up early to play one hole there is a lot of pressure to put a point in there. Obviously I was pretty nervous but I’m glad its done.”

Duke’s Celine Boutier (secured final point for Duke)

“I like the format because it is fun. One thing that keeps me going is that when you make a bad shot on a hole it is over. It’s just one hole. I think that is why I am so good at match play because I get over my shots and bad holes fast. It is definitely an advantage.”

“I think the course is awesome. We were expecting such a great course before we came to Atlanta. With the weather, we got a little worried but the course is holding up really well. The greens are amazing and its awesome to be able to play on this course.”

USC’s Gabriella Then

“I knew I had to give myself some chances out there and get some putts to fall.”

Illinois’ Coach Mike Small

“Chris (Haack) does a great job and runs a great program. We are looking forward to the match. We competed great, but we need to hit more fairways this afternoon.”

Illinois’ Charlie Danielson

“I definitely wanted to win this match for my team and to show everyone that we can come back and beat USC.”

Georgia’s Zach Healy

“The nerves were flowing but the system at Georgia is always putting that pressure on you, so I was ready to deal with it. I knew it was going to be a battle with birdies flying this morning. I’m just glad to come out on top at the end.”

Georgia’s Coach Chris Haack

“They are a great team and they are going to be a heck of an opponent this afternoon.”

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