Tuesday, October 6th, 2015


Golf Channel Notable Quotes
Golf Central Live from the Presidents Cup
Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. ET (News Conferences Show)
Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea
Incheon, South Korea

On the U.S. Team
Tripp Isenhour – “Their attitudes are powerful in a different way than the Ryder Cup. They are jocular, they are having fun. Conversely at the Ryder Cup, they seem to take it a little too serious. Maybe this lighthearted approach needs to translate to the Ryder Cup because it is certainly working in the Presidents Cup.”

On Phil Mickelson
Isenhour – “Part of the maturity of Phil is that he understands his job as an ambassador to the U.S. teams down the line in taking these younger players under his wing.”

On Dustin Johnson
Isenhour – “You stand on the tee with him as a partner, and you know that he is a huge asset.”

On the International Team
Isenhour – “They are going to have to get a lot of points out of their four horses – Jason Day, Adam Scott, Hideki Matsuyama and Louis Oosthuizen – they are going to have carry this team. The problem for the International side is they have five true rookies. The U.S. team has one true rookie to team competition. These team events, they get you in a different way, your emotions and everything else.”

On Jason Day
Isenhour – “He has to be the leader. He has to be the guy to garner the large share of points for the International side. He is going to have to carry the first-timers, and definitely is going to have to carry the lion share of the load for the International side.”
Tim Rosaforte – “He [Day] needs to be on fire this week. He needs to be the spark behind the International team. This event needs a Jason Day to step up to give this the Presidents Cup some competition.”
Rich Lerner – “Everybody wants to see Jason Day against Jordan Spieth in singles. No matter how it goes, if it is a blowout one way or another, we would still have that – as fans and reporters – to hang our hat on. That would be like Aaron Rodgers against Tom Brady. Packers against New England. That is how well those two have been playing.”

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