Monday, October 5th, 2015


Golf Channel Notable Quotes
Golf Central Live from the Presidents Cup
Monday, Oct. 5, 2015, 7-9 p.m. ET
Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea
Incheon, South Korea

On the 2015 Presidents Cup
Tripp Isenhour – “When you look at the Presidents Cup and the 8-1-1 record going to the U.S. side, there has been only one halve of the Presidents Cup and one win for the International side. I think it is begging for the International side to put up a compelling fight. The U.S. has led the last 21 sessions. Jordan Spieth was 12 the last time the Internationals had a lead at the team session at the Presidents Cup.”
Tim Rosaforte – “The potential exists – in a new frontier in Korea with five Asian players on Nick Price’s team – to pull off an upset, an upset that we’d be talking for a long, long time…That’s why we watch sports. We watch sports for moments like this, where perhaps the future will be now, and this week will be competitive. It is worth setting your alarm clock, and it is worth getting up at night to watch Jordan Spieth, Phil Mickelson and Jason Day play golf.”

On World No. 1 Jordan Spieth

Isenhour – “In 2013, they paired him with Steve Stricker, the veteran, to calm him down and get him used to team competition. Fast forward two years, now he is going to be the guy that they are going to pair guys with to give that stabilizing force. That is how quickly his star has risen. He is going to be a star on the U.S. Team in these team competitions.”

Isenhour – “He is a chameleon. You can put him with just about anybody. You can put him with a long hitter and you can put him with an accurate hitter.”

Rosaforte – “At this point the question is he as any of that ‘it’ left or if he used all of that ‘it’ throughout the course of this historical season.”

On the U.S. Team
Isenhour – “Captain Jay Haas has got to be pleasantly surprised and smiling, because he has a lot of guys that may have been in some slumps that are coming out of them and playing some good golf again.

U.S. Captain Jay Haas speaking with Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis about the U.S. Team
Jay Haas – A lot of times in these team rooms you have a quiet section and a loud section, but last night the whole room was buzzing, and I like that. It wasn’t click-ish or anything like that. It was a good chemistry and it was a good feel.”
Haas – “I think we have quite a few leaders. You can go with the youngest guy on the team, Jordan Spieth. He is a leader, kind of like Phil was 20 years ago. He has something about him. Guys like to be around him and like to listen to him. He doesn’t mind spouting off in a confident way, and that is a leadership role.”
Haas – “He [Spieth] hates to lose. He is one of those guys that will want to beat you at Gin, closest to the pin and certainly an 18-hole match. He is somebody that does not like second place.”

On Phil Mickelson
Isenhour – “We talk about how the “Mickelson-esque” comes out at Augusta. It comes out at team events as well.”

On the International Team
Isenhour – “Jason Day, Louis Oosthuizen, Adam Scott and Hideki Matsuyama, they all have to contribute and carry the load for this team. If they do, that can be a huge strength because they can carry different players.”

On Jason Day
Rosaforte – “This could be a showcase for him. He will have to own this week to make a dent in whether the Internationals can be competitive. If he repeats his performance at Muirfield, the potential is there for this week to be exciting.”

On Adam Scott changing to the conventional putter
Isenhour – “He has been a chameleon with the putter. He has been all over the place. I think a team environment is a great place to make a change. On the other side, the U.S. team can prey on that and  make him make some shorter putts if they start to see him struggle a little bit. Look for the Americans to see any sign of weakness and use it to their advantage.”

On International Team Captain Nick Price
Isenhour – “His players are going to go to bat for him. If the International team is going to win this week, Nick Price is going to be a key component to getting the job done.”

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