Tuesday, November 11th, 2014


Episode To Include:

Joe Flacco and John Harbaugh Wired-For-Sound in Ravens Win Over Titans

Calvin Johnson Wired-For-Sound in Lions Win Against Dolphins

Jason Garrett Wired-For-Sound as NFL Films Reviews Cowboys – Jaguars Matchup

Film Study with Cleveland Browns CB Joe Haden

NFL Turning Point Hosted by Football Night In America’s Dan Patrick

Stamford, Conn. – November 11, 2014 – Wednesday night’s edition of NFL Turning Point, NBCSN’s Emmy Award-nominated weekly NFL show co-produced by NFL Films, will feature in-depth analysis of some of Week 10’s most compelling matchups, including Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers overtime victory on the road against Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.

Airing Thursday morning at 1 a.m. ET / Wednesday night at 10 p.m. PT, the episode will also review the key moments that defined the Titans-Ravens, Dolphins-Lions and Cowboys–Jaguars contests. In addition, the show will feature in-game audio from select matchups, including wired-for-sound segments from Ravens QB Joe Flacco and head coach John Harbaugh, Lions WR Calvin Johnson, and Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. The all new edition of NFL Turning Point will also bring viewers inside an NFL film study session with Cleveland Browns CB Joe Haden.

Hosted by Football Night In America’s Dan Patrick, the hour-long program will air throughout the entire NFL season, including the playoffs and Super Bowl.

This week’s episode features:

  • 49ers-Saints:  NFL Turning Point reviews the key moments that allowed San Francisco to tie the game in the fourth-quarter, and breaks down how San Francisco won the game in OT. The segment reviews 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s game-saving pass on fourth down with minutes left in regulation. NFL Films also highlights Saints TE Jimmy Graham’s near-Hail Mary touchdown reception, which was called back due to offensive pass interference.


  • Titans-Ravens: NFL Turning Point highlights the play of Ravens QB Joe Flacco, and reviews how Baltimore won the game. The segment also features in-game audio from Flacco and head coach John Harbaugh, who were both wired-for-sound.


  • Dolphins-Lions: NFL Films reviews the matchup, and also studies Lions WR Calvin Johnson’s first game back after being injured.


  • Cowboys-Jaguars: Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett is wired-for-sound, as NFL Turning Point reviews Dallas’ performance against Jacksonville. The segment analyzes Dallas QB Tony Romo’s ability to play while being injured, and studies the play of WR Dez Bryant.


  • Joe Haden: NFL Films conducts an exclusive film study with Cleveland Browns CB Joe Haden, in which Haden discusses the season and what allows him to excel at his position.

Each week Emmy-nominated NFL Turning Point is built around select NFL matchups from the previous weekend, and focuses on the crucial “turning point” moments that ultimately defined the outcome of each game. The show also features anatomy-of-a-play type segments and long form, Game-of-the-Week style narratives that include the pre-game and post-game access, sideline sounds, jaw-dropping cinematography and incredible storytelling that is synonymous with NFL Films.

In 2014 NBCSN will air a total of 22 episodes, running throughout the entire NFL season, including the playoffs and Super Bowl. The season finale, scheduled to air on Wednesday, February 4, 2015, will look back at the turning point of Super Bowl XLIX.

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