Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison on Broncos-Patriots during Sunday Night Football Halftime (Nov. 2, 2014)

Dungy on Peyton Manning: “He knows when you go into these big games in Foxborough you can’t turn the ball over, you have to take advantage of things in the red zone, and he didn’t do either one well today.”

Harrison: “We always talk about you can’t blitz Peyton, you have to be able to generate pressure with the front four. Bill Belichick did the complete opposite; he played very aggressive against Peyton Manning. You also have to understand this defensive secondary is completely different. It’s probably the best secondary they’ve had in the past 10 years.”

Dungy on Rob Gronkowski: “To me, that was the big thing. This Patriots offense was struggling earlier in the year. ‘What’s wrong with Tom?’ But when Gronkowski got healthy, you saw a completely different unit because he demands so much coverage, and you have to play them a certain way when he’s in there. They’ve got a ton of confidence right now.”

Harrison: “Brady had a lot of confidence in his wide receivers. Shane Vereen, he dropped a couple of passes, Brandon LaFell, and he came back to those guys and they ended up scoring touchdowns.”