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Former Player and Manager Will Serve As a Weekly Major League Baseball Contributor


NEW YORK, NY, January 7, 2013 – Dial Global and the NBC Sports Group announced today that Bobby Valentine will join the NBC Sports Radio lineup as a Major League Baseball contributor, starting this month.

Valentine, a former Major League Baseball player and manager, most recently of the Boston Red Sox, as well as former analyst for ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, will call in weekly to affiliated stations and NBC Sports Radio talk hosts with his candid thoughts and observations on baseball.  In addition, Valentine will become a part-time co-host of a soon-to-be-announced daily Monday-Friday talk show that will debut in April, 2013, as the network expands its programming lineup.

Bobby Valentine adds, “I can’t wait to get started on NBC Sports Radio. I’m looking forward to talking to our affiliates and network shows, and to being a major contributor to the network. I always state my honest opinion and I can’t wait to share it with NBC Sports Radio listeners.”

Chris Corcoran, Executive Vice President, General Manager, Dial Global, adds, “We all known that Bobby V. will bring a passionate and opinionated voice to NBC Sports Radio and we can’t wait to light that fire. Along with Stan Van Gundy, NBC Sports Radio offers two of the most opinionated former major league coaches, each of whom will bring our affiliates and advertisers excellent and compelling content every time they speak”.

Rob Simmelkjaer, Senior Vice President, NBC Sports Ventures and International, said, “Bobby Valentine has always possessed one of the greatest minds and sharpest tongues in all of baseball. This will be must-hear radio.”


NBC Sports Radio launched its new, full weekend lineup of programming this past Saturday and Sunday.

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