Saturday, October 13th, 2012


NBC Sports’ Notre Dame Football team of Tom Hammond (play-by-play), Mike Mayock (analyst) and Alex Flanagan (sideline reporter) called Stanford-Notre Dame on NBC.

For the first time in its history, NBC Sports’ college football studio show, consisting of host Liam McHugh and analysts Doug Flutie and Hines Ward, broadcast on-site from Notre Dame Stadium for pre-game and halftime. They also hosted a post-game show on NBC Sports Network.


Tom Hammond on Manti Te’o: “The man who both coaching staffs proclaim, the best linebacker in the college football.”

Hammond: “This has been dubbed the S.A.T. bowl.”

Hammond: “These teams are so similar. It’s like two heavyweights standing in the center of the ring, not dancing around, just throwing punch after punch.”

Mike Mayock: “Just enjoy this game. I think it’s going to be the most physical college football game of the season.”


Mayock on Stanford’s relentless running game: “It’s about body punches.”

Mayock: “I’ve said it before. I don’t care whether you’re a Notre Dame fan or a Notre Dame hater. When Notre Dame is relevant, it’s good for college football.”

Mayock: “If you’re a fan of toughness, of physicality, you’re going to love this football game.”

Mayock on Stanford DE Chase Thomas: “If you can’t block him, you can’t win.”

Mayock: “I’ve said several times this year, I think the most improved part of Te’o’s game is pass coverage.”

Mayock: “David Shaw is an impressive guy. If you want to draw up a guy who should be the head coach at Stanford, I really believe, this is the guy…David’s a Stanford grad, Class of ’95, and I think he’s one of the most professional coaches I’ve ever run into.”

Mayock on Josh Nunes’ second interception: “Bad throw and an even worse decision.”


Mayock on pass that hit receiver in chest: “If that ball was a spear, it would have killed him.”

Mayock on the game’s physicality: “This is one where you pack your lunch. You pack your lunch because you know it’s getting in the fourth quarter, and somebody’s gonna make a big mistake in the fourth quarter.”

Hammond after bad Notre Dame snap on field goal attempt: “So the Irish, after the nice-looking drive, fall apart in the final plays.”

Mayock with score 7-3 late in second quarter: “The inconsistent play of both quarterbacks has contributed to this score.”


Doug Flutie on Everett Golson: “He’s not comfortable in the pocket. He hangs on the ball a little too long…get it out of your hands when they’re coming, especially when you’re backed up…Yeah, he’s a great athlete. Yeah, he can do things with his legs, but pick your spot.”

Hines Ward: “You need to be looking at Tyler Eifert. The guy only has three catches in the last three games, especially when he’s down in the red zone. Throw it up and give him a chance to catch the ball.” NOTE: Eifert scored a fourth-quarter touchdown on a pass from Golson.

Liam McHugh: “The only thing that’s really been consistent so far about Stanford’s offense this season is that Josh Nunes has been wildly inconsistent.”

Flutie on Nunes’ performance: “Today is a sloppy-weather day. It’s going to be a low-scoring game. Don’t lose the game for your team.”

Ward on Stanford’s receivers: “His receivers have to catch the ball. I watched them warming up and it seemed like they struggled all day catching the ball in this type of weather.”


Mayock after Stanford field goal to take 13-10 lead: “Let’s give this Notre Dame defense credit again. They haven’t given up a touchdown since Purdue.”

Hammond on Notre Dame after another penalty with 3:56 left in fourth quarter: “They’re their own worst enemy today.”

Mayock following Tommy Rees’ pass to Tyler Eifert that resulted in a defensive pass interference penalty late in the game: “That’s the difference between Tommy and Everett…Everett’s got the escapability, but pre-snap Tommy makes the right read every time.”


Hammond following Notre Dame’s touchdown: “The fans have braved the rain all day and now brought to their feet.”

Mayock on crowd following Stanford’s first play from scrimmage in OT: “This place is a mad house.”

Mayock on Nunes following a 13-yard scamper: “This kid has better feet than people think.”

Hammond after game’s last play but before review: “Taylor is stopped. Notre Dame wins!”

NOTE: For game’s final play, NBC Sports showed seven different replay angles and 12 total replays.

Mayock following the referee’s announcement: “‘Stands as called’ means no conclusive evidence.”

Hammond: “It was a game that had a little bit of everything, including the outcome to the replay booth.”

Hammond: “Manti Te’o and the Irish defense. Man oh man oh man.”

Hammond: “It was a goal-line stand for the ages.”


Brian Kelly to Alex Flanagan on trailing for the first time this year: “Sooner or later, you’ve got to overcome some adversity. You can’t go throughout the entire season and be ahead all the time. You’re going to have to work from behind. Our defense is incredible.”

Kelly to Flanagan on the final play: “It was just a matter of whether the whistle ended the play or not because there was no question, his forward progress was stopped.”

Kelly to Flanagan on Tommy Rees: “Tommy comes in and does what he does. He closes.”

Mayock: “Notre Dame is undefeated and in the conversation for that BCS Bowl bid.”


Hammond on next week’s BYU game: “If Notre Dame is emotionally still celebrating this and looking ahead to Oklahoma, that could be a trap game.”

Flutie on Tommy Rees: “He proved that he can handle any situation; that nerves don’t enter.”

Flutie on Tyler Eifert: “He really dictates coverage because you can’t leave him one on one out there.”

McHugh on post-game at Notre Dame Stadium: “It’s an incredible scene and an amazing atmosphere.”

Flutie on Stanford: “They are physical and tough…they are a good football team.”

Ward on Notre Dame’s defense: “The Irish defense was just too much, especially on those goal-line stands. I think they put themselves above Alabama’s defense tonight. They showed why they’re the best defense in the country.”

Flutie on Tommy Rees: “It’s pretty amazing that he steps in as calmly and cooly as he does.”