Sunday, July 14th, 2019


NBC Sports Notable Quotes
American Century Championship
Final Round
Sunday, July 14, 2019
Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course
Stateline, Nevada

American Century Championship Final Leaderboard
Tony Romo 71 points
Mark Mulder 61 points
Mardy Fish 57 points
Derek Lowe 57 points
Jack Wagner 55 points
Case Keenum 54 points
Jeremy Roenick 50 points
Steph Curry 50 points

On Tony Romo, 2019 American Century Championship winner with 71 points (2-over 74 on Sunday, finishing the tournament at -2)
Peter Jacobsen – “The way Tony has been playing, the experience he has, the confidence he has with his golf swing, he was clearly the man to beat. Clearly the class of the field this week.”
Notah Begay – “He is very comfortable in this tournament setting. He has made all of the proper adjustments for how he wants to play this golf course and is executing on all cylinders.”
Steve Sands – “He looks to be on cruise control and is so comfortable out there today.”
Begay – “He got off to a quick start today and has never really looked back.”

Tony Romo speaking with NBC Sports’ Heather Cox following his victory
Tony Romo (on defending his title) – “It was tough, but I think more than anything if you are playing pretty good, you have a pretty good chance. If you’re not it is going to be tough. I’ve been hitting the ball well the past few weeks. It was tough out here today. This wind picked up and with the speeds of these greens and the firmness, it made for a very difficult day out here. I hit the ball well. Got a big lead early. Made a bunch of birdies to be able to coast in to be safe. It was a good tourney.”
Romo – “I was hitting the ball really well this week. Distance control was good, being able to shape it towards the flag. That has been coming on lately. Hopefully I can keep that up and keep playing good golf.”

On Steph Curry (finishing T7 at with 50 points) and father Dell Curry (T15 with 40 points)
Steve Sands – “In this modified stableford scoring system, birdies are worth 3 points. Steph is used to making 3’s.”
Sands (on Steph Curry playing the 18th hole 5-under for the week) – “Steph Curry and the 18th hole here at Edgewood certainly match up and his father Dell can’t believe it.”

Steph and Dell Curry speaking with NBC Sports’ Heather Cox on Steph winning the bet between the two (Dell Curry will need to sing karaoke to a song of Steph’s choice in 2020)
Steph Curry (on the bet) – “Just trying to embarrass the other person as much as possible so, picking the song and venue is a good wager for sure.”
Dell Curry (on the competition between the two) – “As long as there is a ball or game involved we are competing. We have a little bit on the line. We have a game inside a game today.”

Justin Timberlake (38th with 16 points) speaking with NBC Sports’ Heather Cox
Justin Timberlake – “It gets your adrenaline going. It feels like a major out here and it also feels like a rock concert. It is hard to describe. The energy has been great and everybody has been great.”
Timberlake (on playing with Justin Rose in September at the Alfred Dunhill Links) – “Watching that guy play golf is like poetry. We have a lot of fun together and I hope I don’t hold him up too much at the Dunhill.”
Timberlake (on his round) – “They have been going right and left. I have been playing a lot of Army golf today, just right, left, right, left. The wind has been the biggest factor today for sure. It kind of whips the greens up and they get a little bumpy as well so putting is really challenging as well, too.”

Jack Wagner (5th with 55 points) speaking with NBC Sports’ Heather Cox
Jack Wagner (on the American Century Championship) – “Unbelievable. At our players meeting the other night they showed footage of the first broadcast and then years after and now 2019 it is probably 60,000 attending now and a couple hundred boats out here so it is pretty unbelievable how this has grown.”

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