Saturday, August 11th, 2018


Bellerive Country Club, St. Louis, Mo.
Saturday, August 11

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100th PGA Championship (Third Round)
Brooks Koepka           -12
Adam Scott                -10
Rickie Fowler               -9
Jon Rahm                    -9
Gary Woodland          -9

On Brooks Koepka (12-under, leader)
David Duval – “There’s something about Brooks Koepka right now that he looks that much better. There’s a gladiator part of him that goes out there and just annihilates the golf ball, drives it straight, gets it on the green and makes it easy… If he plays golf tomorrow like he’s played through the first three days [everyone else] is playing for second place.”
Brandel Chamblee – “Listening to Brooks say ‘I’m driving it pretty well,’ that’d be like Shakespeare saying ‘I can turn a decent phrase.’ He’s driving the eyes out of it… What a virtuoso performance this has been through 54 holes.”
Frank Nobilo – “It just looked like [Koepka] was going to completely boat race the field and it was just going to be a cake walk tomorrow. His stumbles, plus that sort of congested leader board underneath him actually makes it incredibly compelling come tomorrow.” 

On Adam Scott (10-under, 2nd)
Chamblee – “His picture has been on milk cartons. We’re talking about a guy who is just dead last in every statistical putting category you can imagine. He comes here and looks like the Adam Scott of old… The fact that the greens are so slow… to me slow greens help a poor putter kind of the same way soft fairways help an inaccurate driver.”
Duval – “I’d be utterly surprised and shocked if Adam Scott doesn’t play well tomorrow… He knows what it feels like on a Sunday at major championships, trying to win golf tournaments. His struggle has been getting himself back into that position. I’m fairly certain he’ll acquit himself quite well tomorrow.”

On Tiger Woods (8-under, T-6th)
Duval – “Let’s not forget it’s Tiger Woods… He was walking off the golf course at the start of the year looking like he shot about as best he could. Now he’s walking off the golf course looking like he shot about the worst he could. And that puts him only a few shots back in this major championship.”
Chamblee – “You know what a great bet is on the PGA TOUR? Tiger Woods on Saturday.”

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