Wednesday, July 18th, 2018


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Golf Central Live From The Open (Wednesday AM coverage)

Carnoustie Golf Links, Carnoustie, Scotland

Wednesday, July 18


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On Carnoustie Golf Links

Justin Leonard – “This is certainly not the Carnoustie I played in 1999 or 2007. It is bone dry. A lot of change in strategy, and that strategy may change as the week goes on as players adjust to the scores and conditions.”

Trevor Immelman – “It is a huge advantage to be off tomorrow afternoon. Settle in during the morning, watch some of that coverage, see the types of bounces the balls are taking and start to settle in on a strategy.”

Immelman – “What struck me as I was walking the course yesterday was just how many caddies I saw putting in extra time out on the golf course. Handfuls of them walking together trying to formulate and see what the strategies are and how to unlock this golf course from the tee. I’ve never seen in my 20 years playing professional golf that many caddies out there doing extra time just to see how they can find a way to give their player an edge.”

Mark Rolfing – “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a major championship in all my years where the strategy has been so diverse in terms of thought processes. Fluidity in terms of strategy is going to be the most important thing this week.”

Leonard – It pays dividends to spend time on the golf course at The Open, especially here at Carnoustie. To try to make adjustments to links golf, you’ve got to get on the golf course and see it. That is why these guys are playing a full 18 holes on Wednesday.”

Notah Begay – “The course is going to push some players into making some key decisions. Getting as much information as you can right now on the golf course is critical.”

Immelman – “It is much more beneficial at The Open to be on the golf course than the range. Particularly this week, the turf on the range is totally different from a firmness and lushness standpoint to the fairways on the golf course.”

Immelman – “Experience is going to count for a lot here. Players like Ernie Els, Bernhard Langer, they feel like they have an outside shot here because how firm the course plays. You are going to need to have a lot of experience trying to find a way to navigate your way around here. It is not all about power at Carnoustie this week. It really does open up the field who could possibly win.”


On Tiger Woods

Begay – “I asked Tiger how many drivers he is going to hit this week, he said between zero and four. It is going to be dependent on the wind. Anytime the wind can shift on you and you have to change your game plan. Experience is going to play such a big role here in making adjustments. This baby is playing fast and is going to put heat on the guys.”

Immelman – “I think this week presents a fantastic opportunity for Tiger to contend and win this week. He has all of this experience. He’s a 3-time Open champion. In my mind, is still one of the best iron players in the game. He can play to his strengths this week and use all of that experience.”


On Rory McIlroy

Mark Rolfing – “I’m seeing his enthusiasm level rise. Rory has won 24 tournaments in his career. He has never won a tournament where the scores were single digits under par. The lower the scores, the better for Rory.”

Immelman – “I can listen to him talk to the media all day. The perspective that he has is absolutely fantastic.”

Immelman – “Golf right now is spoiled with young men like Rory. Jordan tells us exactly what he is thinking. Justin Thomas is the same way. Jason Day is very open and honest with the way how he is feeling and how he sees his game and his life. We are at a nice period right now where we have a bunch of guys at the top of game who are really open and willing to share their lives and thoughts with the media. It is fantastic and I hope it continues.”


On Phil Mickelson

Rolfing – “It has been a hard month for Phil. Phil has been playing a lot of golf. It has been a long season for him already and he has his sights set on the Ryder Cup, which is so important to him. It is a good golf course and setup for him because it demands creativity, which is where Phil is at his best.”

Leonard – “I don’t know if there is anybody better in the game in the rough than Phil Mickelson because he spends so much time there. He is so good from the rough.”

Leonard – “He needs to have a quiet week in terms of rules officials are concerned and let his game do the talking.”

Immelman – “Phil Mickelson winning this week will absolutely not surprise me. Even though he is 48 years old and has had a tough month, the talent this man has displayed for 25+ years is phenomenal.”


On Rickie Fowler

Begay – “He is flying a little bit under the radar because just about everyone in his peer group has won majors. For Rickie, it is just a matter of being able to finish and close the deal. It is a question of does he have the ability to dig down deep enough, overcome those fears and come out on top.”

Immelman – “There is untapped potential there. He is so good, and really doesn’t have any weaknesses. He is a tremendous putter of the ball. It is time for him to step up and win a major championship.”


On defending champion Jordan Spieth

Leonard – “I saw Jordan on the range on Monday before that ceremony, and he asked me when I gave the Jug back in ’98, what was the process like. I told him, ‘Well, I pulled up in the courtesy car with the driver on Monday, I took it over to the R&A trailer and they took it from me.’ There was no ceremony whatsoever. A little bit different now. There was no ceremony about it whatsoever.”

Rolfing – “He wants it back. He is only hoping it is a week out of his possession.”

Rolfing – “This is going to be a reboot, restart week for him. He has given back the Claret Jug and there will be a little more spring in his step and his play this week.”

Immelman – “He is going to be a little fresher this week and he is a fantastic links golf player.”

Leonard – “He is going to feel fresh, excited and ready to play again after taking a break.”


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