Tuesday, June 12th, 2018


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Golf Central Live From the U.S. Open

Tuesday, June 12

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, Southampton (Long Island), N.Y.

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On Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods

Brandel Chamblee – “Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods are not the players they used to be, but what they are this week are superstars and underdogs. Those are the two things the sports world loves more than anything else.”

On Tiger Woods

Frank Nobilo – “When you look at his game, the pieces of the puzzle are all there. He has the puzzle set out, he just needs to put the pieces together.”

Chamblee – “I’m convinced that he is going to win again, but he will always be a victim of his past success. Right now he is not only a victim of his past success, he is a victim of his age as well.”

Nobilo – “I don’t think I have ever seen a person that putts better than Tiger Woods on poa greens in relation to the field. He has got to find a little bit of lightning in the bottle. If you want to make a case for him, he would look at everyone in this field and say, “I have won three U.S. Opens on these greens that you are going to complain about.”

Mark Rolfing – “This was a totally different Tiger Woods that what we would have seen 15 years ago reacting to that press conference. The questions were all over the place about a variety of different subjects. 15 years ago he would have been frustrated. I don’t think he would have reacted nearly as well as he did. He smiled through the entire thing. You can tell that he is enjoying, as he called it, his ‘quality of life’ right now. He is enjoying being here because he didn’t know if he would be.”

Justin Leonard – “The progress that he has made has been remarkable over the last eight months from where we were back at the Presidents Cup. The fact that he has gotten himself into contention says a lot about where he is.”

Trevor Immelman – “The last few tournaments really did prove to him, particularly at the PLAYERS, that his best is still good enough. He still has that aura and mystique about him. He is great for the game.”

On Jordan Spieth

Rolfing – “Perhaps Shinnecock will be the place where he can start seeing and feeling things maybe a little bit more and stop being so technical. This could be a good recipe for Jordan this week.”

On Justin Thomas

Chamblee – “He has a swing built for major championships and he has a head built for major championships.”

On Shinnecock Hills

Immelman – “Being out on the golf course the last couple of days, chatting to the caddies and players, this feels like a U.S. Open. Back to its roots. Heavy, thick rough. Premium on driving. Have to control the iron play. Have to show deft touch over these hills. Fast greens. Every single part of your game will be examined this week.”


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