Tuesday, May 29th, 2018


NCAA Men’s Golf Championships
Individual National Championship
Monday, May 28, 2018
Karsten Creek Golf Club
Stillwater, Okla.

**Augusta University’s Broc Everett defeated Auburn University’s Brandon Mancheno via a one-hole playoff (both finished at 7-under par during regulation) to win the 2018 individual national championship.
**The low eight teams from today’s individual national championship advance to match-play competition starting Tuesday to determine the team national champions.
**Full information on teams advancing to match play, scores and results can be found at

Golf Channel / NCAA Tuesday airtimes:
Quarterfinals – Team Match Play 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. ET
Semifinals – Team Match Play 4-8 p.m. ET

Schools advancing to team match play quarterfinals include:
Oklahoma State
Texas Tech
Texas A&M

Team Match Play Quarterfinal Matchups:
Oklahoma State vs. Texas A&M
Duke vs. Texas
Texas Tech vs. Alabama
Oklahoma vs. Auburn

On Augusta’s Broc Everett, 2018 NCAA Men’s golf individual championship winner via a one-hole playoff over Auburn’s Brandon Mancheno (7-under par for the championship, 1-under 71 on Monday)
Bob Papa – “Karsten Creek has served Augusta University well. 2011, the last time the NCAA Championship was here, the team won the national championship. This year, in the year when in which Augusta University alum Patrick Reed wins the Masters, Augusta’s Broc Everett wins the individual championship.”

Broc Everett speaking with Golf Channel’s Steve Burkowski
Broc Everett – “Man, just hard work, honestly. Came in, didn’t have much of a junior resume obviously. Didn’t have much of a game, as Coach can tell you, at the beginning of my time here. Just took cues from everybody else around me and all the people that I’ve met and that I’ve been fortunate to meet at Augusta, honestly. That has been such a big part. Everybody around me at Augusta. It is such a good team atmosphere over there. Just grinding every day. Just incrementally getting better. That’s all it was.”
Everett – “I worked hard on my swing. Worked with a guy Drew Belton. He really put me in shape. I didn’t have a great swing coming in. He got me going. A lot of course management stuff. Trying to focus on mental routines, trying to figure out what I need to do to keep consistently hitting the shots I need to hit. Making sure that I’m picking good targets for every shot because that’s all you can do. Pick good targets and make good swings. That’s what I’ve really learned in my five years is that’s all you can do. You can’t control anything beyond that.”

Auburn’s Brandon Mancheno speaking with Golf Channel’s Billy Ray Brown following the championship
Brandon Mancheno – “It was a great learning experience for me. This was my first try too, so I can’t be too upset with myself. I put myself in a good position and I didn’t play good enough today. But I gave myself a chance to get in the playoff. He made a birdie.”
Mancheno – “It was great. I love their support. They push me every day on and off the golf course. They are great. Couldn’t ask for a better group of guys.

On Auburn’s Brandon Mancheno
Curt Byrum – “This is no wonder they recruited him at Auburn. He does not look like a freshman. A lot of confidence.”
Byrum – “That is not your normal 18 year old right there. That is some performance.”

Brandon Mancheno speaking with Golf Channel’s Chantel McCabe following his round
Brandon Mancheno – “The wind was up today. It played really tough. The greens started to firm up finally because we haven’t had rain in a couple of days. It played tough out there. Definitely a good test all around.”
Mancheno – “It was hard to stay calm today. Coach Maggard did a great job of keeping me calm and keeping me in my routine. That is what I was focused on all day today. It was good to get one at the last to have a chance at it. We’ll see what happens.”
Mancheno – “We don’t like complaining around here. Our coach came up with the idea. It is working so far. If we complain, we have this thing called “Energy Vampire” so, we don’t want to be on that wall.”

On Oklahoma State, No. 1 seed heading into Tuesday’s team match play
Byrum – “So many good players, they are on their home track and they know it better than anyone. Came in as the number one ranked team in the country. A lot going for them but also a lot of pressure on them to win a national title at home.”

Texas’ Doug Ghim (3rd place at 6-under par, even-par 72 on Monday) and Head Coach John Fields speaking with Golf Channel’s Billy Ray Brown
Doug Ghim – “Jean-Paul came over to Coach and made sure that that roar that we heard was a birdie from Scottie. I was a little defensive with the wedge but I was told that the putt was really fast. So I tried to start it on a good line, high enough and make sure I didn’t hit it too hard. I knew it was on a good line and lucky that it went in.”
Ghim – “This is a team effort. I would much rather have made it to match play with my play than win and not make it. I’m so excited to be with those guys tomorrow battling.”
John Fields – I am extremely proud of our team. The senior leadership right there at the end with Doug and Scottie, unbelievable. Chervony did a great job coming in and Soosman was rock solid. We are thankful to be in this position at this point and want to go take advantage of it now.”

Illinois Head Coach Mike Small and seniors Dylan Meyer and Nick Hardy speaking with Golf Channel’s Chantel McCabe
Mike Small – “He [Nick Hardy] has grown in stature and in maturity. He is a good young man. He has had a great career and we are going to miss him greatly.”
Small – “He [Dylan Meyer] has meant a lot. These two guys have played three final fours. All of the honors and accolades, they deserve them. They work hard and have good futures and are going to leave one heck of a legacy here at Illinois.”
Nick Hardy – “It has meant the world to me. It has been everything I’ve dreamed of. Especially having Dylan as my teammate these last four years. It has been a special ride.”
Dylan Meyer – “It had to be our sophomore year. Big 10 Championship. When we came back and won and beat Iowa. It was a really good day. The vibe was great and something I will never forget.”

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