Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018


NCAA Women’s Golf Championships

Team Match Play, Quarterfinals

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Karsten Creek Golf Club

Stillwater, Okla.


Quarterfinal Matches Results:

Alabama (2) defeated Kent State (7) 4-1

Southern California (3) defeated Duke (6) 3-1-1

Arizona (8) defeated UCLA (1) 3-2

Stanford (5) defeated Northwestern (4) 3-2


Tuesday’s Semifinal Matches (live on Golf Channel from 4-8 p.m. ET)

Arizona vs. Stanford

Alabama vs. Southern California


**Live coverage of the semifinal matches airs on Golf Channel today from 4-8 pm ET.

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On Tuesday afternoon’s semifinal team matches

Curt Byrum – “There are two pretty good underdogs taking on some pretty big heavyweights in both sides of these brackets.”

Paige Mackenzie – “We have seen that already today. We have seen seasons end and underdogs advance.”

On Alabama defeating Kent State 4-1

Paige Mackenzie – “It has been a disappointing showing at the NCAA’s the last couple of years for Alabama. It is so nice to see them to compete to their potential. A very stacked team and they showed it this morning.”

Curt Byrum – “When you play match play and you don’t make any mistakes – no bogeys – that just keeps the pressure on your opponent the entire day.”

Alabama’s Lauren Stephenson speaking with Golf Channel’s Chantel McCabe following her match (defeated Kent State’s Pimnipa Panthong 3&2)

Lauren Stephenson – “I really enjoyed going first. I like to set my own pace anyways, and I kind of play fast. So I like getting out there and doing my own thing.”

Stephenson – “Match play is basically a new tournament. After yesterday I really didn’t like how I hit the ball so I tried to hit it a little better today.”

Alabama’s Angelica Moresco speaking with Golf Channel’s Chantel McCabe following her match (defeated Kent State’s Chloe Salort 5&3)

Angelica Moresco – “I was just playing how I knew I could play. I was trying to make as many birdies as I could. I was just doing what I always do, and the birdies came and that was good.”

Moresco – “It (the SEC Championship) was really important because before that tournament, I had never played match play here in the U.S. So it was like a practice round I would say. I felt ready today so I’m really happy.”

Alabama’s Kristen Gillman speaking with Golf Channel’s Billy Ray Brown following her match (defeated Kent State’s Michaela Finn 2&1)

Kristen Gillman – “Today I felt like I played really steady. I didn’t make any bogeys. Out here if you don’t make any bogeys, in match play you will be in good position.”

On Southern California defeating Duke 3-1-1

Byrum – “Southern Cal is starting four freshman on that team and a sophomore. This is pretty amazing, going against the number one team this afternoon in the semifinals. That will be some matchup.”

Byrum – “There is something to be said though for being an underdog. You can free wheel it in going after the number one team in the country.”

Steve Burkowski – “Every five years they have one a national title. ’03, ’08 and ’13. And this year, well, it is five years later.”

USC Head Coach Andrea Gaston speaking with Golf Channel’s Kay Cockerill following the quarterfinals matches

Andrea Gaston – “Obviously this team came together in January. Just from the beginning, we have all been able to work together and have a good time. They have been working so hard. Each of them is a unique person. You have to coach each one differently, but they are all on the same team and there are no superstars. They are all working together and really encourage each other. Team camaraderie has been the best I’ve ever seen. To have so many youngsters, I am so proud of them.”

Gaston – “We know we are going up against experience. We knew that even going in with Duke. Plenty of experience there. I know we are a young team, but I don’t think our kids are afraid. They are just going to go out there and play the golf they have been playing. They are coming off a great round yesterday and we got the win just now. We got confidence, so we just have to continue to play smart golf and make good decisions.”

On Arizona defeating UCLA 3-2

Bob Papa – What a story the Wildcats have become here at the NCAA Women’s Championships.”

Byrum – Just the nature of match play. No matter who you are, you can be beaten on any given day

Papa – “An incredible season for the Bruins comes to an end.”

Arizona’s Gigi Stoll speaking with Golf Channel’s Chantel McCabe following her match (defeated UCLA’s Lilia Vu 2up)

Gigi Stoll – “I think I found a groove today with my swing a little bit that I struggled with during stroke play. I made a lot more birdies, which helps a lot in match play, so I think that was the key today.”

Stoll – “I think we have a chip on our shoulder after yesterday. We got in barely, so now it is time to do some work.

Arizona’s Hayley Moore speaking with Golf Channel’s Chantel McCabe following her match (defeated UCLA’s Clare Legaspi 3&1)

Hayley Moore – “The past 24 hours have been crazy and I was pretty amped up. It was pretty hard for me to go to sleep because I was so happy for Bianca. As a team we did not have our best day, and for Bianca to come up clutch is was amazing. I just came out here today, just wanted to get a point and help my team possibly win.”

Arizona’s head coach Laura Ianello and Arizona’s Bianca Pagdanganan speaking with Golf Channel following their quarterfinals victory

Laura Ianello – “She [Bianca] impresses me every shot she hits. She carried it when we were just trying to go for the front. She is amazing.”

Pagdanganan – “I just have a game plan on this hole (18th), take it shot by shot. Don’t think about anything else. Every time I follow my game plan I guess it turns out really well.”

Ianello – “We have seen the Pac 12 schools a lot, luckily, all year. All are fantastic golf teams. I think we’ll match up well. I’m going to make sure these ladies get off their feet a little bit. Get some food, get some nourishments and we’ve got to be ready to go because Stanford is a heck of a team.

On Stanford defeating Northwestern 3-2

Papa – “Andrea Lee withstood a charge from Janet Mao but the Stanford Cardinal has advanced to this afternoon’s semifinal.”


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