Sunday, May 13th, 2018


On Webb Simpson, 2018 PLAYERS Championship winner by four strokes at 18-under par (1-over par 73 on Sunday)

Dan Hicks – “It wasn’t the prettiest of finishes, but Webb Simpson just throttled the field for most of the week.”

Hicks – “Those birthday celebrations have turned into a PLAYERS Championship celebration. The Simpsons, the Tesoris. It is a team. It is a family, and Webb Simpson was the leading man of the entire bunch this week.”

Johnny Miller – “He played better than everybody else. Especially through three rounds, he was sensational, not just good. One of the best three rounds I’ve seen anybody put together.”

Miller – “He almost demoralized the field. They had to be thinking, ‘What course are you playing this week?’”

Roger Maltbie – “He has given himself a lot of stress today. Not matter what happens, he is going to be tired tonight.”

Maltbie – “It was a real grind. There was a lot of stress involved. He has done what was required and he hung on.”

Peter Jacobsen – “It is just 18 holes today but when he’s done he’s going to feel like he played a 36-hole qualifier, he has had to work that hard.”

Webb Simpson speaking with NBC Sports’ Steve Sands following his victory

Webb Simpson – “It was tough. Being in that position was a lot harder than I thought. You always want to be leading going into the final round and you would think leading by seven is great. But it is hard to stay motivated to continue to do what you’ve been doing. I had a good morning this morning and was able to get it done.”

Simpson – “It means everything. I am the face that is playing, but there is so much that goes behind what I do, with Dowd, my mom, Paul, John Silva, Cornel Driessen, there are so many people that are part of the puzzle. You said 107 starts. Had it not been for my faith it would have been a lot harder. It was still hard, but I am just really thankful to get it done.”

Simpson – “It is big, I love this golf tournament. It was here last year where I got that lesson, and so I think it is pretty special that a year later we come out with a victory. So this is one I do want to celebrate with the team and reinforce that it is a group effort.”

Simpson – “I thought about him [Dad] all day. I think it has been an emotional week for my mom, my sisters and my brother. We miss him like crazy. But I really wanted to do this for my mom. She has been praying for me. This is for her.”

On Tiger Woods, T11 at 11-under par (3-under par 69 on Sunday)

Hicks – “He was locked in with the driver today. Just splitting fairways.”

Miller – “The bottom line he has played some great golf. Just needs to finish them off like that old days. That is sort of the last hurdle that he has right now is to be a great finisher, which he was the best that ever lived.”

Tiger Woods speaking with NBC Sports’ Steve Sands following his round

Tiger Woods – “I played so well this weekend, unfortunately just didn’t cash it in. It was really special, especially today. God I hit the ball good. I really didn’t miss a shot and I only ended up with a 69.”

Woods – “Today I was pretty far back trying to somehow give myself a chance with maybe four or five holes to go. I think I got it down to four at one point and felt like I need four or five more coming in to maybe have a chance and just didn’t have it.”


Golf Central Live From THE PLAYERS Notable Quotes – Primetime

Sunday, May 13

On Webb Simpson

Rich Lerner – “Well the Tiger charge, as exciting as it was, didn’t matter in the end. The double bogey by Webb Simpson didn’t matter in the end. Simpson had insurance. Simpson won this PLAYERS on the strength of what he did Thursday, Friday and Saturday.”

Lerner – “Simpson emphatically reminded us that men of his ilk, more solid than superstar, are capable of blowing the doors off any championship any time they tee it up.”

Lerner – “He knocked everybody out the first three days. Laid them out on the canvas. Today he played good old fashioned rope-a-dope. Did exactly what he needed to do.”

Brandel Chamblee – ‘The most compelling story was the race for second place because Webb had put this thing to bed yesterday.”

Frank Nobilo – “It was a bit like the Tour de France where the last stage is purely ceremonial. He did the job yesterday.”

David Duval – “He knew he won the golf tournament through the first three days. Today he had to go play a round of golf to actually make it official. That is not the easiest thing to do. He went out, took a little bit of charges left and right, but it was never that close and he did exactly what he needed to do.”

Duval – “The goal when you tee off on Thursday is to win. It doesn’t matter if it by one, by six or by 10. He did what he needed to do on Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s round to have the opportunity Sunday to hold on a little bit, pay attention what is going on around him, and go out and grab the trophy.”


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