Saturday, May 12th, 2018



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On Webb Simpson, leader by 7 strokes at 19-under par (4-under 68 on Saturday)

Dan Hicks – “He just keeps taking from Pete Dye’s masterpiece.”

Johnny Miller – “It is not normal to have three days now where you’re driving it great, you’re irons are going where you want them, you are number two in scrambling the last time I looked and you’re putting the lights out. That is a quadruple birdie bonus, a green light. It doesn’t happen often where everything is working. He is making good decisions and it is fun to watch.”

Miller – “Those are three terrific rounds. No one has ever lost a 7-stroke lead on the final day in PGA TOUR history. That is amazing.”

Hicks – “This is one of those moments where you just think, ‘It’s his year.’”

Mike Tirico – “It has been an incredible performance by Webb Simpson. Pros usually have laser focus, but he has got them looking at each other in disbelief throughout the day.”

Roger Maltbie – “He continues to make good decisions. He is managing his game beautifully. He is really avoiding risk when he can. Just solid. Executing great golf shots.”

Peter Jacobsen – “I’ve been throughout impressed with Webb. The way that he has just been playing ‘ho hum’ golf today, making pars. He is going to make everybody come to him tomorrow. Everything seems to be easy.”

David Feherty – “Webb Simpson absolutely is in control.”

Hicks – “He is showing the field no mercy this week.”


Golf Central Live From THE PLAYERS Notable Quotes

Primetime, Saturday, May 12

On Webb Simpson

Rich Lerner – “Secretariat in soft spikes. That is Webb Simpson today, and really all week long.”

Lerner – This is some performance by Webb Simpson. He has been a solid player. Good player when he won the US Open in 2012. But this week, Webb Simpson has been a great player. Runaway, far and away and miles away. Can’t touch him. Great player.”

David Duval – “We are watching a virtuoso performance. A man who is comfortable with everything he is doing at the moment. A man who has a game plan and is executing it. A man who wasn’t flustered by his position overnight. And a man that is enjoyable to watch because he is executing. He is doing exactly what he wants to do. Getting around the golf course, trying not to take too many chances. Playing smart golf and doing exactly what you need to do to win this championship.”

Frank Nobilo – “Strategically it has been a gem. Today is Webb Simpson’s day. The reason why is three straight days of not just good golf, but stellar golf.”

Brandel Chamblee – “Watching Webb Simpson come out today with a substantial lead and make the birdie at one, you knew right then his nerves were right they needed to be. That the lead wasn’t bothering him, and as the day went on, it became more and more impressive.”

Chamblee – “He has engineered something that no one else could do. He figured out how to go from Purgatory to a top the rankings in strokes gained putting.”

Chamblee – “We talked all week about how this is the best field in golf. The best. And he is beating the best by seven shots, and others by a lot more than that. It is mind-boggling.”

Duval – “He played a superb round of golf. If you look at how he went about it, the mindset he had was proper. When you have a big lead – we talk about how do you approach it – what you need to do is try to extend it. The way I see it moving forward heading into tomorrow, he should try to win this tournament by not necessarily taking undue risks and chances, but he should try to win this tournament by 10 shots. Make it a double digit victory.” 

Webb Simpson speaking with Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis following his round

Webb Simpson — “I was pretty satisfied. I felt like that the 17th and 18th holes were good holes to finish after. I felt like I was going along really nicely. 14, my speed was off. 15, my speed was off. 16, my speed was off. After what happened yesterday on 17, I wanted to play a good solid hole and I did that. Made birdie. 18 was a bonus to make that putt. All in all, pretty satisfied. Different feeling. Today was a little more survival feeling. Yesterday was a bunch of birdies. Pretty happy with today.”

On his putting and whether it is better now vs when he won the U.S. Open in 2012

Simpson – “I think so. Strokes gained putting stats would tell me absolutely. Like I said yesterday, I am after consistent putting. I want to be a great putter all of the time, and not just some of the time. Really thankful that putting and playing golf, putting well is a lot more fun. Even amateur golfers have a lot more fun seeing the ball go in the hole, and us pros that much more. Hopefully the ball keeps going in the hole.”


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