Tuesday, May 8th, 2018


Golf Channel Notable Quotes
Golf Central Live From THE PLAYERS (Tuesday, primetime)
TPC Sawgrass (Stadium Course), Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.
Tuesday, May 8

On TPC Sawgrass’ Stadium Course
Brandel Chamblee – “This golf course doesn’t ask you, it tells you what to do. It’s almost like an MMA match between the course and the best players in the world. And the golf course is [Conor] McGregor.”

On Tiger Woods
Frank Nobilo – “He’s bypassed a thousand players [in the Official World Golf Ranking]. We’re well aware of how difficult it is at the top of this game, so to get through those last 91 players is going to be extremely difficult. For me I was always going to give him six months to a year, just to see how the body goes… Tiger Woods is still a human being… The most important thing is though he enjoys actually being outside on the golf course, and enjoys competing again.”
Chamblee – “This is a Tiger Woods who has never hit fewer fairways. He’s never hit fewer greens in his entire career. He’s never hit it farther away from the hole. This is a Tiger Woods who is struggling in a lot of aspects that made him the best player maybe to ever play the game. This is the Tiger Woods that I think we’re going to see… All the changes that he’s incurred has changed his motor patterns so much that he can’t find his way back home… He says he’s healthy, and he’s nowhere near at the form I’d thought he’d be at right now.”
David Duval – “I do believe Tiger Woods is trying to figure out what his body is capable of, how frequently he can practice or practice extremely hard, what type of workout regimen he can do to maintain his health… He’s trying to figure out a bit of a playing schedule. I personally think that – and especially having talked to him a little bit – you’ve got to kind of give him through the summer to say, ‘is this the player he is, or can we expect a lot more?’… I’m not ready to say that this is the player that he is. I think that’s a little premature.”

On Jordan Spieth
Nobilo – “We talk about his magic short game. There are places at Sawgrass you don’t get it up-and-down from. Doesn’t matter who you are, unless you make a 30-footer.”

On Phil Mickelson
Chamblee – “I think you could make an argument that he is on track to be the best 47-year-old in [golf[ history… I look at Phil – not this week not expecting him to do anything great – but I look down the road and think Phil is about to do something that’s never been done… Well history says that once you get past 42 [years-old] you’re only going to win a couple times with few exceptions. But those exceptions were Julius Boros and Sam Snead. And well, Phil Mickelson is very much in the swing vain of those types of players… I expect Phil before he’s done with his career to win a handful more times, but I expect him to be the oldest major champion of all-time.”

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