Thursday, March 8th, 2018


Andrea Joyce & Chris Waddell Host Live Opening Ceremony Coverage at 6 a.m. ET on NBCSN

Carolyn Manno, Chris Waddell, Jason Knapp & Lena Glaser Preview the Games

STAMFORD, Conn. – March 8, 2017 – NBC Olympics’ record-setting coverage of the Paralympic Games begins tomorrow at 6 a.m. ET on NBCSN, as Andrea Joyce, a veteran of 14 Olympic Games, and Chris Waddell, a 12-time Paralympic alpine skiing medalist and Paralympic Hall of Fame member, host the Opening Ceremony live. Coverage is also streamed on and the NBC Sports app.

In total, NBC Olympics will feature more than 250 hours of comprehensive coverage, including 94 hours of television coverage, spanning 10 days across NBC, NBCSN, Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA,, and the NBC Sports app.

Carolyn Manno, who returns for her third consecutive assignment as host of NBC Olympics’ coverage of the Paralympic Games, Lena Glaser, lead producer for NBC Olympics’ Paralympic coverage, Jason Knapp, sled hockey commentator, and Waddell previewed the upcoming Paralympics.


Manno: “I am so grateful for the opportunity to host the Paralympics. Our team at NBC has worked tirelessly to bring the Games to a broader audience. Toyota coming on board as the presenting sponsor this year has been a hugely important step in the right direction. We want more people than ever to see how deserving these athletes are of this stage. We want to show new viewers how competitive the Paralympic Games are. These athletes are talented and have compelling stories to share, thanks in part to a fierce determination to succeed.”

Glaser: “The Paralympics are unique in that the event itself is about incredible achievements in sport – but we also know these athletes have the power to change people’s perceptions about the world around them. We take both very seriously. Whether it’s helping viewers understand classification, demonstrating the differences between curling and wheelchair curling, or making sure everyone knows there is still more – and very intense – U.S.-Canada hockey to be played this season, everyone at NBC who touches this project feels a great responsibility to do justice to the hard work these athletes have put in already. Through our partnerships with LEXI graphics for classification, the IPC and the USOC, and Toyota, we are thrilled to be putting so many hours on linear and on our digital platforms, and we hope viewers will connect with their stories as well.”

Waddell: “Part of the excitement of the Games is visiting and being embraced by a vastly different culture, but these athletes are not tourists. They’re here to work, and attempt to fulfill lifelong dreams when conditions like snow and food can be as foreign as the language. Reestablishing a routine and a sense of comfort amidst all that’s different is an interesting dynamic to watch and part of the reason that we witness unexpected performances, great and crushing, at the Paralympics.”


Waddell: “The Opening Ceremony is a way in which the host country introduces itself to us. PyeongChang did such a great job with the Olympics, setting a high bar for this ceremony which will set the tone for the Paralympics. Most of these athletes will not have had tens of thousands of people cheering for them before. The feeling can create a wave of emotion to ride to greater heights.”


Waddell:Tyler Walker and Laurie Stephens were (alpine skiing) athletes that I coached at some camps. Oksana Masters has been dominating in cross-country skiing. I look forward to her performances and seeing if Mike Shea and the men’s snowboarders can sweep again.”

Manno: “Viewers will be introduced to Paralympic athletes who face challenges; some similar to Olympic athletes and some quite different. But when I watch the Paralympics, I always find my focus is rarely on those challenges. It is squarely on the Games themselves, which are thoroughly competitive, entertaining and rich with real stories of overcoming adversity. I hope viewers walk away with an appreciation for how dedicated these athletes are and how powerful the human spirit is.”

Knapp: “I’m looking forward to hopefully another U.S.-Canada showdown on the ice. We saw the power of emotion, tension and tenacity when the U.S. and Canadian women’s ice hockey teams met for Olympic gold just a couple weeks ago.  The U.S. and Canada men’s sled hockey teams could be on a collision course, too. The U.S. and Canada are the top two seeds, and placed in different groups for pool play, so they can’t meet until the playoffs, which they are expected to do.  If they do, it would be another classic clash in the rivalry.”


NBCUniversal and the Army & Air Force Exchange announced earlier today a joint partnership allowing military service members and honorably discharged veterans to stream the 2018 Paralympic Games for free from their desktops and mobile devices.