Saturday, August 5th, 2017


Golf Channel Notable Quotes
RICOH Women’s British Open
Third Round
Saturday, Aug. 5, 2017
Kingsbarns Golf Links
St. Andrews, Scotland

**U.S. Solheim Cup Captain Juli Inkster joined Golf Channel’s Rich Lerner and Judy Rankin in the broadcast booth today during third round coverage of the RICOH Women’s British Open.
**On Sunday, approximately one hour after the Women’s British Open has concluded, Inkster and Team Europe captain Annika Sorenstam will announce their full teams, including their captains’ picks. / Solheim Cup Coverage
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USA’s home advantage
American team scenarios
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Creamer makes a case for herself

Juli Inkster interview with Golf Channel’s Rich Lerner and Judy Rankin today at the RICOH Women’s British Open
Juli Inkster – “The food pavilion is very nice. That is where I have been spending most of my time. I actually haven’t been out on the golf course at all. As a player I never wanted to see my captain out there peeking behind bushes watching me play. So I try to stay away. I know how they can play. This week, this day, that shot is not going to dictate whether I pick them or not. I try to let them to the golf thing.”
Inkster – “Angela (Stanford) and Austin (Ernst) are both going to need a pick to make the team. Lizette and Brittany, since they made the cut they can keep moving up. Angel Yin and Mo Martin are playing well and if they happen to finish in the top-10 they can pass Lincicome and Lang on Rolex Rankings. Ally McDonald, if she can win, she can move up.”

On Paula Creamer and other potential captain’s picks
Inkster – She [Creamer] is in the mix, but I have 10 other girls that I have to get their opinion on also, But Paula is playing well. The thing is with Paula, I know what I get. With Morgan Pressel, I know what I get. You look at Austin, Angel and Mo Martin, they have never played on a Solheim Cup. I don’t really know what I get. But I know I get great players. I have to field the team with not only quality golfers, but also people that get along with their teammates. I want camaraderie. I want fun. I want people that want to be there and that want to play for the red, white and blue.”

On Angel Yin
Inkster – “She is a great player. If she played her way on, I would be a happy camper, that’s for sure.”
Judy Rankin – “She is a great gal. it is hard as a captain to choose a rookie. She is a rookie that kind of gets your attention.”
Inkster – “Nelly Korda, she is a rookie. Ally McDonald. She is a rookie. Along with Angel, those are three really good players. I have to say I’m in a good position as far as a quality of play that I have to pick from. I’m in a really bad position of how many quality golfers that I’m going to tell that aren’t going to make the team.”

On the day of the captains’ picks
Rankin – “Tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon is the hardest day of the Solheim Cup matches. It is easier to put people together and make the pairings and all of those things that you are under a lot of pressure to do, but tomorrow is the hardest.
Inkster – “And you know me, I hate to disappoint people. I’m going to be disappointing something like six girls. I thought Germany was hard. Germany was easy compared to this.”

On being a Solheim Cup Captain
Rankin – “You think going in that it could be very difficult to take 12 solo athletes who are extremely talented at what they do and are very well off in their own right and have them become one as a team all of a sudden. Our sport is a very solo sport, so you think that is going to be hard, but in the end, I really didn’t find that hard. I found so many players who would step up to the plate and do anything you wanted them to do.”
Inkster – “I think the hardest part is your lineup on Sunday. Trying to get your group where you think the opposite captain is going to put their players and where you think you can get the most points. I thought Sunday singles is the hardest.”
Inkster – “I really enjoy every aspect of it. We were getting killed [’15 Solheim Cup] but we were still having fun. I want these girls to have fun, enjoy the moment. At the end of the day, whether we win or lose it is all about memories and representing your country.”

On Des Moines as host for the 2017 Solheim Cup
Inkster – “It is going to be smoking. It is probably going to be the most attended Solheim Cup ever. The golf course is great, it is in really good shape. The first tee, I’m glad I’m not hitting that first shot. I think it is going to be a lot of fun.”

On Team U.S.A. as the favorites at the Solheim Cup
Inkster – “We probably should be the favorites. We won last time, we are playing on a home course, but the bottom line, the team still has to go out there and play. You don’t win on paper. I think my team knows that. We are going to bring our hard helmets and get to work.”

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