Thursday, August 3rd, 2017


Golf Channel Notable Quotes
RICOH Women’s British Open
First Round
Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017
Kingsbarns Golf Links
St. Andrews, Scotland

**Live coverage of the second round of the RICOH Women’s British Open will air Friday on Golf Channel from 6 a.m.-1 p.m. ET**

Video: Highlights of Michelle Wie’s Opening-Round 64

On Michelle Wie, leader at 8-under par (women’s course record 8-under 64 on Thursday)
Rich Lerner – “8-under 64. That is a lightning bolt on day one.”
Karen Stupples – “So impressive. This is a trend that we who watch the LPGA week-in and week-out have seen coming from Michelle Wie.”
Judy Rankin – “What a round she played today. If there was a player who ever wanted to get off to a good start, its Michelle.”
Stupples – “What she is doing with her swing, she buys into it. She owns it and she believes that this is something that is going to work for her. That is the key to her playing.”
Stupples – “She has been using this ‘whatever method,’ with her putting. She goes with whatever she feels fits her. It takes her back to her creative nature so she can just relax and play what she wants.”
Stupples – “If she can maintain some consistency, I think we can see her progressing and put in a few more wins. I don’t think we’ll see her contending to be a World. No. 1. I think she is just too much into changing things around. And she is very content with the person that she is. She doesn’t feel that need or desire to be a World. No. 1, which I think is very interesting.”

On I.K. Kim, 2nd place at 7-under par (7-under 65 on Thursday)
Stupples – “I.K. conducts herself on the course in just about as good a manner as anybody I’ve ever seen. She and So Yeon Ryu both. The whole etiquette, everything.”
Rankin – “She always has been a moneymaker but she is winning tournaments again. She had a very good day today.”

On Lindy Duncan, 3rd place with a 6-under par 66 after Thursday’s opening round
Lindy Duncan speaking with Golf Channel’s Cara Robinson following her round
Lindy Duncan – “Really good start. Hit a lot of fairways and greens today. Was having fun with my caddie so it was a good day all around.”
Duncan – “It is amazing. This golf course is so beautiful. I got lucky, I got a great local caddy. He tells me where to hit it and I try to hit it there.”

On Laura Davies, T9 with a 4-under par 68 after Thursday’s opening round
Lerner – “You wonder if Annika – with a good performance this week by Laura – would consider Davies?”
Rankin – “That is not the worst idea because she has such experience. She is a formidable match player. And there is some fear that the European team isn’t quite strong enough this year, and the European Tour has certainly not played the number of events that they have in the past.”
Lerner – “Laura has been fun to watch, plain and simple.”
Rankin – “She has been different than anyone else in women’s golf.”
Lerner – “Is she ever making the most of her week, with qualifying on Monday and on the leaderboard today.”
Rankin – “Great fun to watch her play. It always makes it a little more enjoyable and a little more fun for everyone.”

On Lexi Thompson, currently T4 at 5-under par for the championship
Jerry Foltz – “She has played incredible golf all year long. She could have won four or five times by now this year. She is there every week.”
Foltz – “The quality of her play this year has been awesome. Her ball striking is probably the best on Tour. What has been good about Lexi is that her putting stats have been improving.”

On Charley Hull, currently at T9 at 4-under par for the championship
Tom Abbott – “Her recoil is faster than 99 percent of people’s swings.”
Rankin – “She gives her full attention to every shot. She goes at most things pretty hard, and when she is not playing a short or when she is off doing something else, she is off doing something else.”

On So Yeon Ryu, currently at 1-under par for the championship
Foltz – “She is the player who doesn’t know the definition of grumpy. Always has a pleasant smile. Got a lot of fire inside and is a strong, strong competitor. You would never know it by her on-course demeanor.”
Stupples – “She looks so comfortable with the position as World. No. 1”
Abbott – “The work that she has done with Cameron McCormick and Ian Baker Finch is really paying off for her, both on and off the golf course.”

On Links Golf and Thursday’s opening round at Kingsbarns Golf Links
Rankin – “Links golf requires that you be tough and that you face the weather. There are players who don’t. I admire those people who can grit their teeth and say this is what its giving me today.”
Peter Alliss – “When you talk about embracing it, you try to do your best. You try to hit the fairway, try to hit the green and don’t 3-putt. If you work at that way at playing golf, you will be very successful.”
Foltz – “There are 18 picturesque holes here at Kingsbarns. 18 signature holes this week.”

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