Wednesday, June 14th, 2017


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Golf Central Live From the U.S. Open
Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Erin Hills
Erin, Wisconsin 

On Erin Hills
David Duval – “Everyone is anxious and excited to see how this incredible canvas plays out come early tomorrow morning.”
Duval – “The players have some nervousness and excitement on the start of the U.S. Open as well because they don’t necessarily know what a good score is going to be here at the US Open. Nobody knows.”
Mark Rolfing – “There is a lot of intrigue. It is a very unusual feeling the day before the start of a U.S. Open, because the player complaint meter is running very low right now. The players are excited, they are all in good moods and it has a very festive feeling to it.  It is not a typical feeling Wednesday prior to the U.S. Open where there is a lot of tenseness in the air. It is a festival out here today.”
Rolfing – “This is going to a very predictable yet really fair and excellent test of golf.”

On Dustin Johnson
Rolfing – “Strategically he is not forced to play a totally power game now. He is so good with the wedges now that he can play this course somewhat conservative.” 

On Jordan Spieth
Justin Leonard – “We know how he intense he is on the golf course. Today, the Wednesday before the U.S. Open, to see Jordan out there by himself and having fun, goofing around with his sister. It shows me that he is relaxed, ready to go, and is a bad sign for the rest of the guys here.”
Rolfing – “He is genuine. Ellie, his sister, is true motivation for Jordan. Always has been and always will be. He gets tremendous strength from his sister.” 

Davis Love III speaking with Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis on caddying for his son, Dru
Davis Love III – “It has been exciting for Dru. I got him through the local qualifying and then he made it on to the sectional on his own while I was trying to play. Obviously this week playing in his first major championship in his first week as a professional, it is pretty incredible to be on the bag. People have been asking me, ‘Don’t you wish you were playing?’ I don’t think I’d rather be playing than to get to do this. What a great experience it is for me and hopefully I can help him.”
Love III – “It’s hard because he is so good and hits it so far I don’t know how to club him sometimes. He has grown up inside the ropes, so we are going to have some fun out there this week.”
Love III – “I’ve caddied for him in 72-hole tournaments in the past, but not on these kinds of hills and not with this pro bag. It is going to be a challenge for any caddie this week. It is going to be a long walk for everybody. Once we get inside the ropes, the adrenaline will take over and I’ll be able to make it.” 

On Davis Love III caddying for his son, Dru
Rolfing – “One of the keys for the two Loves this week is to manage their expectations properly.”
Leonard – “The thoughts that go through your head as a parent, watching your kids playing sporting events. Things I would say or could say as I watch, Davis is going to vocalize those thoughts this week as he caddies for Dru.”

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