Wednesday, May 31st, 2017


Golf Channel Notable Quotes
NCAA Men’s Golf Championships
Championship Match
Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Rich Harvest Farms
Sugar Grove, Ill.

**Oklahoma defeated Oregon 3 ½ – 1 ½ in today’s championship match, their second men’s golf championship in school history (1989).** 

On the championship match between Oklahoma and Oregon
Lanny Wadkins – “Oklahoma got off to a fast start today. I was so impressed when they got past Baylor because that took a lot of grit and determination. They jumped in control today. They got the job done and did what they needed to do to get the win.” 

On Oklahoma, 2017 NCAA Division I Men’s Golf National Champions
Bob Papa – “Brad Dalke delivers for Oklahoma and a national championship.”
Notah Begay – “Max McGreevy was solid all day with the pressure on him.”
Wadkins – “He [Brad Dalke] was their most experienced player in match play and he got it done in the end. It wasn’t always pretty golf, but it was great to watch.”

Oklahoma’s Max McGreevy speaking with Golf Channel’s Notah Begay following his match
Max McGreevy – “The whole Oregon team is very gritty just like us. They don’t quit. Just trying to keep your foot down and not giving up any little mistakes and let them slide back in. Just maintain solid play and knowing par is a going to be pretty good out here was my mindset all day.”
McGreevy – “We [Blaine Hale and McGreevy] are the two most emotional guys on the team. That is why Coach wanted to get us out early and get us going. We both feed off of each other in that sense. We see that we’re up and we want to get further out and go out and watch our teammates. Being able to watch Blaine take care of business early took a lot of pressure off of me too.”

Oklahoma coach Ryan Hybl speaking with Golf Channel’s Curt Byrum after the victory
Ryan Hybl – “This is so special. I’m just so happy for our guys. Our former players that have helped build this program. This is awesome. I’m so happy.”
Hybl – “I told my wife before we got here that I just hope these guys have an opportunity to shine because I knew there was an opportunity for these guys to get it done. Everybody had their games in good shape. They did the things they needed to do all week long. Stroke play portion and these matches. Our guys fight. They grind like yesterday. It’s Oklahoma golf.” 

Oklahoma’s Rylee Reinertson speaking with Golf Channel’s Billy Ray Brown after their victory
Rylee Reinertson – “We had pretty much everyone coming back from last year. We felt like we were really close to putting all of the pieces together and we really believed in ourselves the entire year and we knew that something special could happen.”

Oklahoma’s Grant Hirschman speaking with Golf Channel’s John Cook after their victory
Grant Hirschman – “This is exactly what I came here for. In Oklahoma, we win championships and we just won another one.”

Oklahoma’s Brad Dalke speaking with Golf Channel’s Curt Byrum after their victory
Brad Dalke – “You never have control of matches especially out here with these closing holes. It was nice to get that putt to go in on 12. That was my first putt that I really made all day. Got some momentum going and won a couple more. I wish I could have finished on 16 and that is all that matters.”
Dalke – “It means so much. This team we have, we are all just brothers. To be able to come out here and win this thing with my guys and make the last putt to clinch it, it is so cool. I can’t wait to get a ring like my Dad’s. It is still sinking in.”

Oklahoma’s Blaine Hale speaking with Golf Channel’s Notah Begay after their victory
Blaine Hale – “Of course you think you are going to win a national championship, but until right now, you don’t ever see it coming in reality. This week has been so special for us. I have had a peace and calmness about me this week that I just felt really good about this whole week that ended in the right way.”
Hale – “I think it is going to be Boomer Sooner in our house from now on. I grew up an Oklahoma State fan, but I called Coach Hybl and said I want to give it a shot. Obviously it has been a pretty good fit and a great run.”

On Oregon
Papa – “This is a totally different Raza than we saw yesterday, where he was dialed in.”
Curt Byrum – “Completely different guy and I think it started with the putter and it crept into other parts of his game.”
Wadkins – “He has putted with great speed all week.”
Charlie Rymer – “I’ve got to give a tip of the cap for Coach Casey Martin and his guys. Now they have a national title and a runner up. These guys are scrappers and fighters. They played tremendous golf. It has been really impressive to watch what Martin has done with this Oregon golf program.”
Arron Oberholser – “You can start talking about Casey Martin as being one of the best coaches in the country.”

Oregon Coach Casey Martin speaking with Golf Channel’s Chantel McCabe following the match
Casey Martin – “Just an incredible run for us. To get back to defend our title and get to this point is awesome. We did come up short but it wasn’t because we weren’t scrapping or fighting. we were doing everything we could. Oklahoma played great. Congrats to them.”
Martin – “Just scrapping and finding a way. Top level competitive golf is hard and you really have to dig deep. My guys did that, so as a coach I am so proud of them. Just an incredible run. Winning the Pac-12 Championship and getting this far is really special.”
Martin – “There is a lot of reasons you want to be coaching golf but this is the icing on the cake. You want to get to this and have a chance to compete in the national championship. It’s fun and I want to do it some more.”

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