Thursday, March 30th, 2017


Golf Channel Notable Quotes
ANA Inspiration
Thursday, March 30, 2017 (First Round, Morning Wave – Noon-4 p.m. ET)
Mission Hills Country Club
Rancho Mirage, Calif. 

**Golf Channel will air live coverage of the first round afternoon wave tonight in primetime from 7-9 p.m. ET.**

On Karine Icher, currently leading at 5-under par, speaking with Golf Channel’s Lisa Cornwell following her round
Karine Icher – “With my experience, I have 43 top 10s without any wins, I’m probably the player who has the most top 10s without winning, so I’m used to it. I’m going to keep focused, keep my game on and try to sink some putts. We’ll see what happens come Sunday. In golf, you never know.” 

On Michelle Wie, currently one shot back at 4-under par after Thursday’s opening round
Judy Rankin – “She is not hitting bad looking putts. There was a time a year or two ago where she hit putts that made you really wonder if this was going to be her game because some of her putts were so bad. She’s back on track.”
Kay Cockerill – “It is such a different scenario to have her confidence and swagger back. She is using that confidence by taking her driver out a lot more today.”
Tom Abbott – “Michelle Wie has put together a really good first round.”
Cockerill – “She has been verbally praising Lucy Li all day. Great to see from Michelle.”
Rankin – “This says a lot about Michelle Wie. She has been encouraging Lucy Li all day.”
Rankin – “This is the best I’ve seen her putt in several years.”
Mike Tirico – “A very solid round of putting for Michelle Wie.”
Rankin – “I’m very encouraged for her at the way she went about playing this round. She hit so many good shots and had so many great recoveries. Her putting looked good all day.”

Michelle Wie speaking with Golf Channel’s Lisa Cornell following her round
Michelle Wie – “It was great. I’m really impressed with her round and how she played. I’m really impressed with how she carried herself from hole 1. She must have been nervous today, but she carried herself really well and acted really mature beyond her years. She is a great player. I had a lot of fun playing with her.”
Wie – “It felt good out there. I had fun. I played steady. That is what you’ve got to do in weeks like this. Happy where I positioned myself today. It is a long time until Sunday, so hopefully I can keep playing steady, keep making birdies and keep moving up.” 

On 14-year old Lucy Li, 1-under par 71 after Thursday’s opening round
Cockerill – “She has struck so many of her shots beautifully today.”
Abbott – “So impressed by this 14-year old.”
Tirico – “What a day it has been watching this 14-year old.”
Rankin – “How many people would have bet that Lucy Li would shoot under par while playing alongside Michelle Wie today?”
Rankin – “We are watching ‘Big Wie and Little Wie’ out there today.” 

Lucy Li speaking with Golf Channel’s Kay Cockerill following her round
Lucy Li – “I played pretty well today. I hit a lot of good shots. I could have made a couple more putts but overall played pretty consistently.”
Li – “It was really fun. She [Michelle Wie] is really nice and she hits it really far.” 

On Eun Jeong Seong, 4-under par 68 after Thursday’s opening round
Abbott – “What a story for this young lady on Thursday. A hole in one and many memorable moments.”
Jerry Foltz – “She has been putting together good shots after struggling during the middle of her round.” 

On So Yeon Ryu, 4-under par 68, speaking with Golf Channel’s Lisa Cornwell following her round
So Yeon Ryu – “I’ve been having slow starts for the past few weeks, so I’m really happy to have a good first round.”
Ryu – “I think the most important thing is that my game has improved, so I really trust myself. I just don’t want to get frustrated. I believe my time is coming to get a fourth title on the LPGA.”

On Lexi Thompson, 3-under par 69 after Thursday’s opening round
Rankin – “She is going to leave pretty pleased with this round. This is a good, solid start. That is what she wanted.”
Rankin – “She is like a new young woman with the putter this season.”


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