Tuesday, March 21st, 2017


Major League Baseball’s Most Watched Local Network To Broadcast More Than 125 Live Games Plus Exclusive Pre- & Post-Game Shows 

Network To Make Its Regular Season Broadcast Debut Opening Day
Monday, April 3 vs. Atlanta Braves

[New York, March 21, 2017] – SNY, the official television home of the New York Mets, today unveiled its comprehensive slate of regular season coverage for the New York Mets featuring more than 125 live games plus exclusive pre- and post-game shows.   MLB’s most watched local broadcast makes its 2017 regular season debut on Opening Day Monday, April 3 at 1:10 p.m. as the New York Mets square off against the Atlanta Braves at Citi Field.  Pre-game coverage gets underway from SNY’s new windows-to-the-world studios at 4 World Trade Center at 12:00 p.m. with Mets First Pitch presented by Cadillac.

SNY’s critically acclaimed broadcast team of Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling returns for its 12th season calling Mets baseball, along with Mets on-field reporter Steve Gelbs delivering in-game interviews and features with players, coaches and other personalities. The award-winning production team is led by senior vice president and executive producer Curt Gowdy, Jr., senior coordinating producer Gregg Picker and director Dan Barr for all SNY-produced Mets telecasts.

Gary Apple anchors SNY’s studio programming featuring Mets First Pitch, Citi Pre-Game Live and W.B. Mason Post-Game Live alongside lead studio analyst Nelson Figueroa.  Former Mets general manager Jim Duquette and Mets first baseman Todd Zeile will also contribute to SNY’s in-studio coverage throughout the season.  Emanating from SNY’s new state-of-the-art studio located high above the city at 4 World Trade Center, Mets First Pitch will air prior to SNY’s prime time Mets broadcasts, while Citi Pre-Game telecasts before all SNY broadcasts, providing the day’s press conferences with Terry Collins, in-depth player profiles and exclusive instructional segments with Keith, Ron and Nelson.  W.B. Mason Post-Game Live will follow every game – including Mets games on PIX11, FOX, and ESPN – delivering instant highlights and player interviews following the game.

Mets Insider presented by W.B. Mason, the network’s documentary style series featuring complete and exclusive access to the team and players, returns Monday, April 3rd at 4:30 p.m.  Kids Clubhouse presented by Fidelis Care premieres Sunday, April 16 at 12:00 p.m.  The award-winning kids series educates young Mets fans about the sport of baseball and their favorite team through fun and interactive segments such as “Guess that Met” and “In the Grand Scheme of Things” featuring Curtis Granderson.  Check your local listings for air dates and times for both series throughout the season.

Fans can also find the latest exclusive, in-depth reporting of the Mets and Major League Baseball via SNY’s sports news and entertainment programming block – Daily News Live at 5:00 p.m., Loud Mouths at 5:30 p.m. and GEICO SportsNite from 10:30 p.m. – 1:30 a.m.  Network website will continue to provide the most comprehensive, exclusive online coverage of the Mets anywhere on the web, while will have the Mets beat covered with interviews, exclusive video features as well as the latest news and buzz surrounding the team.

Special features available only on include:

  • Regular columns and video features from Ron Darling, Keith Hernandez, Gary Cohen and Nelson Figueroa.
  • Behind-the-scenes access with Mets field reporter Steve Gelbs, as he works the storylines of each game with exclusive interviews and updates throughout each game.
  • Live in-game chats with lead studio analyst Nelson Figueroa.
  • Web exclusive Cadillac Post-Game Extra streams following each game with Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling and contains additional analysis, game highlights, and player interviews.


2017 Mets Regular Season Telecast Schedule


Day Date Opponent Time Network Day Date Opponent Time Network
Monday 3-Apr Braves 1:10 PM SNY Monday 3-Jul @ Nationals 6:05 PM SNY
Tuesday 4-Apr OFF Tuesday 4-Jul @ Nationals 11:05 AM SNY
Wednesday 5-Apr Braves 7:10 PM SNY Wednesday 5-Jul @ Nationals 7:05 PM SNY
Thursday 6-Apr Braves 7:10 PM SNY Thursday 6-Jul OFF
Friday 7-Apr Marlins 7:10 PM SNY Friday 7-Jul @ Cardinals 8:15 PM SNY
Saturday 8-Apr Marlins 7:10 PM SNY Saturday 8-Jul @ Cardinals 4:10 PM SNY
Sunday 9-Apr Marlins 8:00 PM ESPN Sunday 9-Jul @ Cardinals 2:15 PM SNY
Monday 10-Apr @ Phillies 7:05 PM SNY Monday 10-Jul OFF
Tuesday 11-Apr @ Phillies 7:05 PM SNY Tuesday 11-Jul OFF
Wednesday 12-Apr @ Phillies 7:05 PM SNY Wednesday 12-Jul OFF
Thursday 13-Apr @ Marlins 7:10 PM SNY Thursday 13-Jul OFF
Friday 14-Apr @ Marlins 7:10 PM SNY Friday 14-Jul Rockies 7:10 PM SNY
Saturday 15-Apr @ Marlins 7:10 PM PIX11 Saturday 15-Jul Rockies 7:10 PM PIX11
Sunday 16-Apr @ Marlins 1:10 PM SNY Sunday 16-Jul Rockies 1:10 PM SNY
Monday 17-Apr OFF Monday 17-Jul Cardinals 7:10 PM SNY
Tuesday 18-Apr Phillies 7:10 PM SNY Tuesday 18-Jul Cardinals 7:10 PM SNY
Wednesday 19-Apr Phillies 7:10 PM SNY Wednesday 19-Jul Cardinals 7:10 PM SNY
Thursday 20-Apr Phillies 7:10 PM SNY Thursday 20-Jul Cardinals 12:10 PM SNY
Friday 21-Apr Nationals 7:10 PM PIX11 Friday 21-Jul Athletics 7:10 PM SNY
Saturday 22-Apr Nationals 4:05 PM SNY Saturday 22-Jul Athletics 7:10 PM PIX11
Sunday 23-Apr Nationals 8:00 PM ESPN Sunday 23-Jul Athletics 1:10 PM PIX11
Monday 24-Apr OFF Monday 24-Jul @ Padres 10:10 PM SNY
Tuesday 25-Apr Braves 7:10 PM SNY Tuesday 25-Jul @ Padres 10:10 PM SNY
Wednesday 26-Apr Braves 7:10 PM SNY Wednesday 26-Jul @ Padres 10:10 PM SNY
Thursday 27-Apr Braves 1:10 PM SNY Thursday 27-Jul @ Padres 9:10 PM SNY
Friday 28-Apr @ Nationals 7:05 PM SNY Friday 28-Jul @ Mariners 10:10 PM SNY
Saturday 29-Apr @ Nationals 1:05 PM PIX11 Saturday 29-Jul @ Mariners 4:10 PM SNY
Sunday 30-Apr @ Nationals 1:35 PM PIX11 Sunday 30-Jul @ Mariners 4:10 PM PIX11
Monday 1-May @ Braves 7:35 PM SNY Monday 31-Jul OFF
Tuesday 2-May @ Braves 7:35 PM SNY Tuesday 1-Aug @ Rockies 8:40 PM SNY
Wednesday 3-May @ Braves 7:35 PM SNY Wednesday 2-Aug @ Rockies 8:40 PM SNY
Thursday 4-May @ Braves 7:35 PM SNY Thursday 3-Aug @ Rockies 3:10 PM SNY
Friday 5-May Marlins 7:10 PM SNY Friday 4-Aug Dodgers 7:10 PM SNY
Saturday 6-May Marlins 7:10 PM PIX11 Saturday 5-Aug Dodgers 4:05 PM SNY
Sunday 7-May Marlins 1:10 PM SNY Sunday 6-Aug Dodgers 1:10 PM SNY
Monday 8-May Giants 7:10 PM SNY Monday 7-Aug OFF
Tuesday 9-May Giants 7:10 PM SNY Tuesday 8-Aug Rangers 7:10 PM SNY
Wednesday 10-May Giants 1:10 PM SNY Wednesday 9-Aug Rangers 12:10 PM SNY
Thursday 11-May OFF Thursday 10-Aug @ Phillies 7:05 PM SNY
Friday 12-May @ Brewers 8:10 PM SNY Friday 11-Aug @ Phillies 7:05 PM SNY
Saturday 13-May @ Brewers 7:10 PM PIX11 Saturday 12-Aug @ Phillies 7:05 PM PIX11
Sunday 14-May @ Brewers 2:10 PM PIX11 Sunday 13-Aug @ Phillies 1:35 PM SNY
Monday 15-May @ Diamondbacks 9:40 PM SNY Monday 14-Aug @ Yankees 7:05 PM SNY
Tuesday 16-May @ Diamondbacks 9:40 PM SNY Tuesday 15-Aug @ Yankees 7:05 PM SNY
Wednesday 17-May @ Diamondbacks 3:40 PM SNY Wednesday 16-Aug Yankees 7:10 PM SNY
Thursday 18-May OFF Thursday 17-Aug Yankees 7:10 PM PIX11
Friday 19-May Angels 7:10 PM SNY Friday 18-Aug Marlins 7:10 PM SNY
Saturday 20-May Angels 7:15 PM FOX Saturday 19-Aug Marlins 7:10 PM PIX11
Sunday 21-May Angels 1:10 PM PIX11 Sunday 20-Aug Marlins 1:10 PM SNY
Monday 22-May OFF Monday 21-Aug Diamondbacks 7:10 PM SNY
Tuesday 23-May Padres 7:10 PM SNY Tuesday 22-Aug Diamondbacks 7:10 PM SNY
Wednesday 24-May Padres 7:10 PM SNY Wednesday 23-Aug Diamondbacks 7:10 PM SNY
Thursday 25-May Padres 7:10 PM SNY Thursday 24-Aug Diamondbacks 12:10 PM SNY
Friday 26-May @ Pirates 7:05 PM SNY Friday 25-Aug @ Nationals 7:05 PM SNY
Saturday 27-May @ Pirates 7:15 PM FOX Saturday 26-Aug @ Nationals 4:05 PM SNY
Sunday 28-May @ Pirates 8:00 PM ESPN Sunday 27-Aug @ Nationals 1:35 PM SNY
Monday 29-May Brewers 4:10 PM SNY Monday 28-Aug OFF
Tuesday 30-May Brewers 7:10 PM SNY Tuesday 29-Aug @ Reds 7:10 PM SNY
Wednesday 31-May Brewers 7:10 PM SNY Wednesday 30-Aug @ Reds 7:10 PM SNY
Thursday 1-Jun Brewers 1:10 PM SNY Thursday 31-Aug @ Reds 12:35 PM SNY
Friday 2-Jun Pirates 7:10 PM SNY Friday 1-Sep @ Astros 8:10 PM SNY
Saturday 3-Jun Pirates 7:15 PM FOX Saturday 2-Sep @ Astros 7:10 PM SNY
Sunday 4-Jun Pirates 1:10 PM SNY Sunday 3-Sep @ Astros 2:10 PM SNY
Monday 5-Jun OFF Monday 4-Sep Phillies 1:10 PM SNY
Tuesday 6-Jun @ Rangers 8:05 PM SNY Tuesday 5-Sep Phillies 7:10 PM SNY
Wednesday 7-Jun @ Rangers 8:05 PM SNY Wednesday 6-Sep Phillies 7:10 PM SNY
Thursday 8-Jun OFF Thursday 7-Sep Reds 7:10 PM SNY
Friday 9-Jun @ Braves 7:35 PM SNY Friday 8-Sep Reds 7:10 PM SNY
Saturday 10-Jun @ Braves 4:10 PM PIX11 Saturday 9-Sep Reds 7:10 PM PIX11
Sunday 11-Jun @ Braves 1:35 PM PIX11 Sunday 10-Sep Reds 1:10 PM PIX11
Monday 12-Jun Cubs 7:10 PM SNY Monday 11-Sep OFF
Tuesday 13-Jun Cubs 7:10 PM SNY Tuesday 12-Sep @ Cubs 8:05 PM SNY
Wednesday 14-Jun Cubs 7:10 PM PIX11 Wednesday 13-Sep @ Cubs 8:05 PM SNY
Thursday 15-Jun Nationals 7:10 PM SNY Thursday 14-Sep @ Cubs 8:05 PM SNY
Friday 16-Jun Nationals 7:10 PM SNY Friday 15-Sep @ Braves 7:35 PM SNY
Saturday 17-Jun Nationals 4:10 PM PIX11 Saturday 16-Sep @ Braves 7:10 PM PIX11
Sunday 18-Jun Nationals 1:10 PM PIX11 Sunday 17-Sep @ Braves 1:35 PM SNY
Monday 19-Jun @ Dodgers 10:10 PM SNY Monday 18-Sep @ Marlins 7:10 PM SNY
Tuesday 20-Jun @ Dodgers 10:10 PM SNY Tuesday 19-Sep @ Marlins 7:10 PM SNY
Wednesday 21-Jun @ Dodgers 10:10 PM SNY Wednesday 20-Sep @ Marlins 1:10 PM SNY
Thursday 22-Jun @ Dodgers 10:10 PM SNY Thursday 21-Sep OFF
Friday 23-Jun @ Giants 10:15 PM SNY Friday 22-Sep Nationals 7:10 PM SNY
Saturday 24-Jun @ Giants 7:15 PM FOX Saturday 23-Sep Nationals 7:10 PM PIX11
Sunday 25-Jun @ Giants 4:05 PM SNY Sunday 24-Sep Nationals 1:10 PM SNY
Monday 26-Jun OFF Monday 25-Sep Braves 7:10 PM SNY
Tuesday 27-Jun @ Marlins 7:10 PM SNY Tuesday 26-Sep Braves 7:10 PM SNY
Wednesday 28-Jun @ Marlins 7:10 PM SNY Wednesday 27-Sep Braves 7:10 PM SNY
Thursday 29-Jun @ Marlins 7:10 PM SNY Thursday 28-Sep OFF
Friday 30-Jun Phillies 7:10 PM SNY Friday 29-Sep @ Phillies 7:05 PM SNY
Saturday 1-Jul Phillies 4:10 PM SNY Saturday 30-Sep @ Phillies 7:05 PM PIX11
Sunday 2-Jul Phillies 1:10 PM SNY Sunday 1-Oct @ Phillies 3:05 PM SNY



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