Friday, November 18th, 2016


Golf Channel Notable Quotes
CME Group Tour Championship
Second Round, Friday, Nov. 18, 2016
Tiburon Golf Resort, Naples, Fla.

**Rolex Rankings No. 1 Lydia Ko turned in a course-record 10-under par 62 today and leads by 3 at 12-under par.
**Ko currently also is in first place in the season-long Race to the CME Globe title and the $1 million prize.

**Golf Channel’s 2nd round coverage of the CME Group Tour Championship is currently airing until 6:30 p.m. ET today.
**Round 3 coverage will air Saturday from 4:30-6:30 p.m. ET on Golf Channel (2-4 p.m. ET streaming on Golf Live Extra).

On Lydia Ko, leader at 12-under par (shooting a course-record 10-under par 62 on Friday)
Judy Rankin – “She is quite the young player with quite the ability to rise to any occasion.”
Terry Gannon – “If there were any doubts – and there were – if Lydia Ko had her A-game coming in to the final event of the season, they have been answered today.”
Rankin – “She is a player that is adaptable. She figures out what is going on not only with the golf course and what is going on around her, but also with her own golf swing and she makes the adjustments. She is an amazing player and an amazing competitor.”
Rankin – “She is not a very big player in stature, but her footsteps are certainly heard around the golf course.”
Tom Abbott – “It’s so fun to watch. She has such great touch around the greens.”
Jerry Foltz – “It’s just poetry. It is so hard to define how she does it and it is gorgeous every time she does.”
Karen Stupples – “I think it is an interesting dynamic when you see Lydia Ko at the top of the leaderboard, you know how solid of a player she is and she really doesn’t ever fall back. So once she’s up there, you know as a player that is chasing, you need to have your A-game just to get yourself back there with her in order to compete. It is quite the prospect.”
Rankin – “She was a little frustrated with her iron game yesterday, but she totally corrected it. Look at her now. Now she is in that pressure situation going into the weekend.”
Rankin – “She never comes back to you. You always have to go try to catch her and it is so rare that someone does that.”

Lydia Ko speaking with Golf Channel’s Lisa Cornwell following her round
Lydia Ko – “I hit the ball pretty well yesterday and he [David Leadbetter] said, ‘Hey we only need a few minutes and I think we’ll be ok.’”
Ko – “Going into today I just wanted to focus on my game. I knew I had a great pairing with Eun-Hee and Mi Hyang. They said ‘Hey, whenever you play with us you always seem to play well. Maybe it was good vibes I got from them. Obviously it’s a great round and I’m in a better position than I ever imagined.”
Ko – “Even on the weekend I’ve just got to focus on me. The girls are playing great so hopefully I will try to do the same.”

On Ryann O’Toole, T2 at 9-under par (5-under par 67 on Friday)
Judy Rankin – “I think this is a tremendous opportunity she is giving herself.”
Gannon – “A very successful first two days in Naples.”

Ryann O’Toole speaking with Golf Channel’s Lisa Cornwell following her round
O’Toole – “Staying patient. One shot at a time as good as I can. Plan some mini goals within myself…I want to finish strong and I feel like sometimes with these four rounds that are guaranteed, you get complacent and kind of lost in the shuffle of it. So, I said I need some on-course goals, and it’s been helping.”
O’Toole – “I just need to stick with what I have been doing. Staying patient and focusing as hard as I can on the one shot that I have and moving forward from there. No doubt there are going to be ups and down out there, but it is how can I keep myself for getting angry at them, getting ahead of myself and leaderboard hunting…Just stay in the moment as much as possible.”

On So-Yeon Ryu, T2 at 9-under par (4-under par 68 on Friday)
Rankin – “I think her golf swing is better than it has been for a few years.”

On the growth of the LPGA Tour and the new tournaments announced this week
Rankin – “I think I’m going to have to take vitamins to keep up with all of this.”

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