Monday, August 1st, 2016


Jeff Burton on Race Winner Chris Buescher: “The intensity level just ratcheted up for the No. 34 team.”

Chris Buescher to Burton During the Red Flag Caution: “I’m trying to remember every rain dance I’ve ever learned.”

Steve Letarte on Chris Buescher: “He has kept his head down and every time we have talked to him on camera he has been upbeat and hopeful. Here he is leading with weather rolling in at Pocono.”

LONG POND, Pa. – August 1, 2016 – NBC Sports’ extended visit to Pocono Raceway culminated with Monday coverage of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Pennsylvania 400. NASCAR on NBCSN’s lead broadcast team of Rick Allen, Steve Letarte and Jeff Burton called the race. Krista Voda and Kyle Petty hosted Countdown to Green along with post-race coverage. Marty Snider, Mike Massaro, Parker Kligerman and Dave Burns reported from pit road.


At the conclusion of the 138 lap shortened race Chris Buescher landed in victory lane, securing his first career Sprint Cup win. The race was cut short due to heavy fog, which diminished visibility and caused the red flag to come out as Buescher led the pack.


Position Driver Car #
1 Chris Buescher 34
2 Brad Keselowski 2
3 Regan Smith 7
4 Kevin Harvick 4
5 Tony Stewart 14


The following are highlights from this afternoon’s Sprint Cup coverage from Pocono Raceway on NBCSN.




Burton on Buescher after the official announcement of his victory: “The intensity level just ratcheted up for the No. 34 team. There is no question this team now, over the next five weeks, needs to tighten everything up. They need to work on pit stops. They have to do everything better. They are just a few points out of where they need to be, but they are going to have to earn it.”


After the NASCAR on NBCSN booth connected with several drivers in their cars during the red flag stop, Allen offered: “We really have to say thank you to all of these drivers, allowing us to come into their office, right in the middle of this competition.”


Burton added: “It’s one of the things that separates this sport from all the others. Can you imagine, during a football game, talking to the quarterback inside of the huddle?”


With 22 laps to go, Tony Stewart to Burton via radio communication on Buescher “He’s a good kid and an XFINITY champion.  It doesn’t matter how you get your first win, you just want to get your first win. I hope it works out for him right now.”


Buescher to Burton via radio communication during the red flag caution: “I’m trying to remember every rain dance I’ve ever learned. I’m being a little bit selfish right now. I know some want to finish the race but I like where we are right now. All the complaining I’ve done about the weather this weekend, I’m taking all that back right now.”


Lap 132—Moments after the visibility caution, Burns interviewed Buescher’s crew chief, Bob Osborne:


Burns: “It’s tough to see fog on the radar. Bob, did you have an idea that this might be rolling in?”


Osborne: “Not really on the fog, but we’ve been watching the radar and there are some storms heading our way.  Now we’re just hoping for the best.”


Lap 132—Letarte on Buescher leading the race as the visibility caution comes out: “What if this ends the race? Chris Buescher leading at Pocono…Today is one of the first laps that Chris Buescher has ever led in the Sprint Cup Series. Our XFINITY Series Champion has had a rough first year in the Sprint Cup Series. He has had a battle with the No. 34 car. He has kept his head down and every time we have talked to him on camera he has been upbeat and hopeful. Here he is leading with weather rolling in at Pocono.”


Lap 92—Driver Denny Hamlin to Burton on the track conditions during a caution lap due to precipitation: “Seems like every time [the rain] stops, you go into a corner and it picks back up again. I think the track is okay, but any one corner can be soaked at any time for sure.”


Lap 81—Allen as No. 3 Austin Dillon and No. 42 Kyle Larson battle for the lead at the half-way mark: “It has been 564 races since the No. 3 has won in the Sprint Cup Series. The last time was Dale Earnhardt at Talladega in 2000.”


Lap 62—Burton on current race leader Kevin Harvick: “We interviewed Kevin on Saturday and asked him about a rumor that he’s got the fastest car on the race track this week, and he said, ‘I hope we pound them on Sunday!’ He wants to win this race so bad. His crew chief has been penalized by NASCAR. I don’t think Kevin is thinking strategy—I think he’s just trying to win by the widest possible margin.”


Lap 40—Burton on battling for track position throughout the field: “We’ve talked about how important track position is today, and not just for the leader, also for the guys running eighth, 12th, 18th—every position matters. Better positions open the door for better strategies, they open the door for better restart positions and open the door being on pit road in a better spot.”