Sunday, July 24th, 2016


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UL International Crown
Sunday Singles Matches
Sunday, July 24, 2016
The Merit Club, Gurnee, Ill.

UL International Crown Sunday Singles Results and Final Points Standings:
Sunday Singles Matches Results and Final Points Standings

On Team U.S.A winning the 2016 UL International Crown with 13 points
Judy Rankin – “The American team was shutout the first day. They felt as though – and they did, in fact – have a big hill to climb. They have really played some golf since then.”
Rankin – This is particularly sweet for them because they really came up short two years ago.”
Rankin – “American players have been asked and have been answering a lot of questions the past few years about where are the American players. Why have they lost Solheim Cups. To me, American players seem to be back.”
Rankin – “Winning is tough. All of these competitions are very tough. You can see in all of this talent from around the world. Everybody is really good.”

Cristie Kerr speaking with Golf Channel’s Jerry Foltz following her clinching match for Team U.S.A.
Cristie Kerr – “I really enjoy anchor. I don’t mind the pressure. I actually think I play better when I have more pressure. I got off to a great start today. Mel played great and got it back and made it interesting. What would it be without a little bit of drama.”

Team U.S.A. speaking with Golf Channel’s Nicole Castrale after winning the UL International Crown
Stacy Lewis – “We stuck to our game plan. We knew not to change our pairings. We knew we were playing good golf. When those pairings came out this morning, I liked how we were positioned. Gerina and I getting out there and getting points early were huge and we got Cristie in the house. We got a Crown.”
Gerina Piller – “It is not the first time that we have done that [come from behind] so I think that helped a lot, that we knew that we could come back. I’m standing here with three amazing players. It just happened that we were paired with our same partners from Solheim, and that was huge. We knew we had a big task today and we all went out there and did it.”

On U.S.A.’s Cristie Kerr defeating England’s Melissa Reid 3&2 to clinch the Crown for Team U.S.A
Jerry Foltz – “Cristie channels an energy when she is feeling confident. You don’t see it in too many players like she visibly displays it in her mannerisms.”
Tom Abbott – “When she gets that fire in her eyes, she is tough to beat.”

On U.S.A.’s Stacy Lewis defeating Japan’s Mika Miyazato 3&2
Terry Gannon – “It wasn’t quite as easy as it seemed.”
Rankin – “She hit her stride there in the middle of the back nine.”
Rankin – “Every little thing that she does right or correctly these days is going to build her back up to that next win and getting back on the winning track.”

Stacy Lewis talking to Golf Channel’s Jerry Foltz following her match
Stacy Lewis – “I wanted to get a lead early and put a number out there for the girls to see. Just happy to get the win and get it done early.”

On U.S.A’s Gerina Piller defeating Chinese Taipei’s Yani Tseng 4&3
Karen Stupples – “She has been so steady. She hasn’t given Yani any opportunity to get into this match.”
Abbott – “It is going to happen. She is going to win. It is just a matter of when.”
Rankin – “With every match like this, every competition that she plays and every time that she sees putts go in the hole, that will give her the confidence to know that she can do it for herself in a tournament to become a first time winner on the Tour.”

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