Sunday, July 24th, 2016


Golf Channel Notable Quotes
The Senior Open – Final Round
Sunday, July 24
Carnoustie Golf Links (Championship Course), Carnoustie, Scotland

On Paul Broadhurst (11-under, winner)
Lanny Wadkins
– “He went out and won himself the golf tournament today. That is outstanding playing, just an amazing performance. Look at those last three scores, 66, 68, 68. You just can’t do it any better than that at Carnoustie.”
John Mahaffey – “He just hung in there so well and made the putts when he’s needed to… In major championships you just have to hang in there and don’t make any big mistakes. You hang in there until the end and who knows what might happen.”
Billy Ray Brown – “He has certainly lived up to the billing today. Solid from tee to green.”
Wadkins – “He’s like one of those little dogs that yaps at your ankles. You can’t make him go away.”

On Miguel Angel Jimenez (8-under, T-3rd)
Wadkins – “I didn’t expect to see this today… A couple of loose shots, the putts weren’t as solid as they once were… He wasn’t putting with the same confidence, that’s for sure. He just hasn’t rolled it the same. The ball coming off his putter has bounced a little bit and it hasn’t been the roll that we’ve seen from him all week. It’s just not quite the same quality roll that he’s been putting on it.”
Wadkins – “He didn’t do what I thought he would do. I thought as a leader and a proven winner that he would go out and shoot a low score today and maybe even expand his lead. He didn’t even come close to doing that. He didn’t go conservative. I think he just got shaken by the miss at the 4th hole. And he’s just fought himself today with errant iron shots, errant tee shots, and not rolling it nearly as well as he has the rest of the week.”
David Marr – “It looked like it was going to be a coronation at one point for Jimenez.”

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