Saturday, July 23rd, 2016


Golf Channel Notable Quotes
The Senior Open – Round 3
Friday, July 22
Carnoustie Golf Links (Championship Course), Carnoustie, Scotland

** Live Final Round coverage of The Senior Open resumes Sunday on Golf Channel at 8:30 a.m. ET.**

Miguel Angel Jimenez (11-under, Leader) speaking with Golf Channel on NBC’s Todd Lewis following his round
Miguel Angel Jimenez – “I played very solid from the beginning today until the end…I’ve been hitting it very solid from the tee, nice shots to the flags. [I didn’t] hole enough putts, but putting good. Really happy with the round of 65.”

Jimenez – “I’m going to do exactly the same thing I’ve been doing the previous nights. I’m going to eat with my friends, have a bottle of [wine]. I’m going to smoke a nice fat cigar, and have a nice malt whiskey with my cigar. I don’t know if it’s going to be a winning recipe, but it’s my recipe.”

On Jimenez (11-under, Leader)
Wadkins – ““He’s got a well-rounded game. He’s playing exceptionally well, driving it straight and long. A great combination at Carnoustie. His iron game is spot on, and he is putting as good as anyone. I think he’s putting better now than we’ve seen him putt in a few years. And I think that’s the reason that he’s able to take some of these rounds and really go forward.”
Brown – “When you have to hit a multitude of shots to get around Carnoustie it makes this round so special… He’s hitting on all cylinders right now.”
Wadkins – “It’s been a beautiful round of golf. I can’t think that he’s missed many putts that were makeable. He’s rolled the ball well all day. If he hasn’t made it, it looked like it should have gone in. He’s driven it perfect. It’s been a driving dream around here today as well as he’s [done] putting it in the fairway.”
Brown – “[His putting stroke] is a mimic of the rhythm of his golf swing.”
Mahaffey – “He’s not afraid of anything. This kind of precision is just awesome to watch.”

On Durant (7-under, T-2nd)
Wadkins – “He didn’t really take advantage of anything early when his iron game wasn’t sharp, but he’s really fought back. He’s missed at least a half-a-dozen irons short and to the right today. Something we just don’t see from him at all, so unlike him.”
Wadkins – “If you think about it, the way he’s hit the ball today he’s really gotten a lot out of this round. He’s hung very tough today. To get through a day like this is a good sign. He may come back tomorrow and everything is going like it’s supposed to.”
Brown – “He’s lost these shots to the right and he just has not been completing his backswing. His transition is just a little fast.”

On Wes Short Jr. (7-under, T-2nd)
Wadkins – “I love the way he drives the ball with a low, penetrating flight. He’s staying in touch very nice. He’s in position and one mistake by Jimenez and he’ll be right there.”

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