Friday, June 10th, 2016


Golf Channel Notable Quotes
KPMG Women’s PGA Championship
Second Round
Friday, June 10, 2016
Sahalee Country Club
Sammamish, Wash.

**Saturday’s third round coverage will air on NBC from 2-5 p.m. ET and will conclude on Golf Channel from 5-6 p.m. ET**

On Friday’s Second Round at Sahalee Country Club
Judy Rankin – “Major championships are supposed to bring par back to a standard of excellence. I think that is what we are seeing this week.”
Kay Cockerill – “This is the beginning of a tough stretch of golf. As tough as everything has been, it is only going to get tougher.”
Annika Sorenstam – “This is not a sprint, this is a marathon.”
Sorenstam – “The course is really getting the best of the players.”
Terry Gannon – “Couple of days of survival. You are not looking to go low, you are looking to hang in there and not make mistakes.”
Mark Rolfing – “It’s hard work out here this afternoon for all of the players.”
Rolfing – “Anybody that makes the cut has a chance to win.”
Rankin – “You could be six or seven back, and you shoot that Catriona Matthew round today of 67 and I promise you, you will have a shot to win.”
Gannon – “This is developing into an old school major, where par is your friend.”
Rankin – “I walked the golf course on Tuesday on the most gorgeous day ever in the Northwest. It certainly has gotten harder as the temperatures get lower as the rains come down, all of those things that come into play in golf.”

On Brooke Henderson, co-leader at 2-under par (2-over on Friday)
Rankin – “This round has put a capital ‘P’ in the word patience in the game of golf. She has patiently tried to whittle a stroke away here and there. Make the best of a day that wasn’t as good as yesterday was.”
Rankin – “She very sensibly plays without a fear of failure.”
Kay Cockerill – “Brooke played very efficiently on this back nine today.”
Rankin – “She has a nice way of shaking herself up and getting back into the game.”
Brandel Chamblee – “There is nothing that this woman can’t do, and it seems like she is on the cusp of winning her first major championship.”
Paige Mackenzie – “She has been making adjustments for this golf course, but she has been making adjustments from her first round into her second round.”

Brooke Henderson speaking with Golf Channel’s Lisa Cornwell following her round
Brooke Henderson –“It was a tough day out there. The conditions made it very difficult at times. I hung in there pretty well. I’m disappointed with the missed putt on the last. But overall, I’m pretty happy and I’m close to the top of the leaderboard.”

On Mirim Lee, co-leader at 2-under par (2-under on Friday )
Tom Abbott – “Excellent round of golf and an excellent two days of work for Mirim Lee.”

On Gerina Piller, T3 at 1-under par (2-under on Friday)
Rankin – “She has got herself positioned beautifully in this championship. She has been playing so well the last few months. She has been knocking on the door, and it could be that a very difficult course like this could make it happen.”
Rankin – “She has a lot at stake, and I can’t believe that first win isn’t on the edge of happening. She has played that well.”
Rankin – “Her time is right around the corner. It’s coming.”

Gerina Piller speaking with Golf Channel’s Steve Sands following her round
Gerina Piller – “Man, it [Sahalee CC] had some teeth. I think we have every element out here. Beginning of the week it was sunny and hot and gorgeous. Now we have rain and cold and wind. The golf course is hard as it is without all of that. So that is definitely making it a lot harder.”
Piller – “It [The Olympics] hasn’t really been on my mind. Being consistent for me really has been on my mind. Just getting over that hump and getting that first win is definitely on my mind more than anything. I know if I play well enough and win, everything will take care of itself.”

On Lydia Ko, T3 at 1-under par (1-under on Friday)
Sorenstam – “She is so mentally strong, she believes in herself. Nothing really bothers her. She goes to the next shot and has a fresh mind.”
Rankin – “She has a sense of touch and speed that is a gift.”
Rankin – “She only hit half of the fairways today and she turns in a round under par for the day.”

Lydia Ko speaking with Golf Channel’s Steve Sands following her round
Lydia Ko – “This course is tough even without the wind and without everything that is going on. With the wind picking up and the rain it made us thinking about more things, our rain gear and keeping our grips dry. It was really tough out there.”
Ko – “I feel like I am in a really good position right now. I did a lot of scrambling on this back nine today. If it wasn’t for my putter I know I definitely wouldn’t be in this position. I have a few things to work on but I’m proud with the way I played the past two days. There is still a lot of golf to be played. The top players are out there so I have to focus on my game and enjoy it. Sahalee has been really great. It is a major venue for sure.”

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