Thursday, June 9th, 2016


Golf Channel Notable Quotes
KPMG Women’s PGA Championship
First Round
Thursday, June 9, 2016
Sahalee Country Club
Sammamish, Wash.

**Rolex Rankings No. 2 Inbee Park qualified for the LPGA Tour Hall of Fame by completing her opening round today at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship by filling the 10-year membership requirement.**

Inbee Park speaking with Golf Channel’s Steve Sands after qualifying for the LPGA Tour Hall of Fame (1-over par 72)

On the reception she received on the 18th green
Inbee Park – “I felt truly blessed that I got congratulated by all the legendary players here on the Tour, like Juli Inkster, Karrie Webb, Se Ri Pak, Laura Davies. All of the players, friends and families who came out and congratulated me for what I have done for the last 10 years was truly amazing. I feel so blessed and honored to have those kinds of moments. I feel like I am very lucky player.”

On Joining the LPGA Tour Hall of Fame
Park – “I dreamed of myself being up there so many times, in my dreams. No matter how many times I have dreamt of myself being here, it feels surreal. It feels unrealistic. I have to just keep on playing and grinding out and keep getting used to how I feel I feel right now. This definitely feels truly amazing. I really appreciate all the people that were here for me. All the sponsors, fans, players and the media. I just came to realize that so many people who care about me, especially when I’m hurt and when I’m having a hard time there are so many people looking after me and were so worried about me. I think those moments happen for a reason. The tough moments happen for a reason for me. That made me really appreciate where I am right now.”

On sharing the moment with her husband/swing coach Gi Hyeob Nam
Park – “We are both very blessed people and we feel very lucky that we get to share the greatest moments in life together. It feels great. I’m very happy to be able to share these moments with a lot of people, and being able to share my good moments with a lot of loved ones is a very special feeling.”

On Thursday’s opening round and the thumb injury
Park – “I’m here to win. That is one thing for sure. I try hard every day to fight with the injury. I always believe in myself that I can overcome the pain and that I can overcome the injury. I did pretty good out there today. I’m very proud of myself. I thought there was no sunshine for a while. Last month was pretty hard. I didn’t think this tunnel was going to end for a while. Today I definitely I saw some sunshine. I hit some great shots and I hit some poor shots. but I’m very happy that I was able to see what I could see out there today.”

On Inbee Park qualifying for the LPGA Tour Hall of Fame
Terry Gannon – “In her mind, this has been a moment she has thought of quite often this year, and it hasn’t been easy because of that injury.”
Judy Rankin – “Inbee Park won the U.S. Open very young, but she had a time where she questioned if she would continue to play the game. She came back from that to be the most fabulous player on the most difficult golf courses that we know.”
Brandel Chamblee – “Whether she hits another shot or not, for the rest or her career, she will go down as one of the top-15 or 20 players of all time. But imagine if she decides to stick around and play for another 10 or 15 years. She could re-write the history books on the LPGA Tour.
Paige Mackenzie – “This is what every player dreams about and so very few players have the opportunity to accomplish in their career, in their lifetime.”

On Inbee Park’s lingering thumb injury
Judy Rankin – “The injury, even though it seems small, anything that goes on with your hands in this game can make the game just very difficult. It can make you compensate in a way that really hurts performance. It is a shame that it happened at this time.”

On Thursday’s first round at Sahalee Country Club
Rankin – “It is kind of the major championship drill. You don’t get that breather hole. You don’t get that hole where you can let your mind relax and you can relax for just a minute. You have to think every hole, every shot.”
Annika Sorenstam – “I think we all thought this was going to be a tough day. It is not that easy out there. Every hole is difficult here. There is not a hole that is easy.”
Rankin – “If you don’t do the right thing off of the tee, you sure are going to have to get creative.”

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