Tuesday, May 31st, 2016


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NCAA Men’s Golf Championships
Team Match Play, Semifinals
Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Eugene Country Club
Eugene, Ore.

Semifinals Matches Results:
Oregon defeated Illinois 3-2
Texas defeated USC 4-1

Championship match
Oregon vs. Texas

**Golf Channel will air live coverage of the championship match Wednesday at 6 p.m. ET**

**Texas’ Beau Hossler suffered a shoulder injury on the 15th hole. Hossler went on to defeat Southern California’s Andrew Levitt 2&1 to advance Texas to Wednesday’s championship match against Oregon.

Video: Texas head coach John Fields talks to Golf Channel’s Ryan Lavner about Hossler’s clinching match and his shoulder injury. Texas Coach John Fields Speaks with Golf Channel’s Ryan Lavner

On the NCAA Men’s Golf Championships semifinal matches at Eugene Country Club
Steve Burkowski – “You think this means something to these young men?”
Lanny Wadkins –“You know it does, you know it means everything to them.”
Ryan Burr – “Sometimes you just have to sit back say, ‘Wow.’ That is what we have to do today. Incredible stuff.”
Arron Oberholser – “What an incredible day of golf overall. This is why I love college golf. You don’t get this kind of theater in a lot of other places in match play.”
Oberholser – “I’ve seen more hole-outs today than I’ve seen in a long time. They were chipping in from everywhere.”

On Texas’ Beau Hossler and his shoulder injury on 15 – Hossler defeated Southern California’s Andrew Levitt 2&1 to clinch the deciding point for Texas
Wadkins – “Beau Hossler is one of the best players in college golf and it is a shame to see an injury take place at a time like this. No good time for an injury, but especially right now when you look at a national championship final and Texas really wants him. But they want him at full strength.”
Oberholser – “It is the college golf equivalent for what Tiger Woods did in ’08 in the U.S Open and basically winning on one leg. It is the college golf equivalent to it. He was in serious discomfort, serious pain. You could tell how badly he was hurt with the swings he was making.”
Burr – “With one arm, he managed to make par on 17, which was good enough for Texas to move on to the national championship.”

On Oregon defeating Illinois 3-2 to advance to its first team national championship match
Buddy Alexander – “That was great theater. The crowd was fabulous. I’m sure there will be a lot of hometown people rooting for the Ducks tomorrow.”
Lanny Wadkins – “Who would have thought Oregon would have advanced without Aaron Wise putting up a point.”
Bob Papa – “Casey Martin, head coach at Oregon, has his team in its first-ever final.”
Papa – “What a week it has been for Oregon. And they are not done.”
Papa – “Early in the match, Sulman Raza made so many clutch putts to stay within reach of Charlie Danielson.”
Papa – “What playing by Zach Foushee this morning and this afternoon.”
Wadkins – “If anyone knows what line to take under what conditions, Aaron Wise would, simply because he has played here time and time again.”
Wadkins – “This guy [Aaron Wise] is a winner, and he is going to play like a winner.”
Byrum – “I haven’t seen many holes in Aaron Wise’s game.”
Byrum – He [Aaron Wise] is very confident. The one thing I have noticed over the course of three days, he has a little touch of swagger if not quite a bit of swagger. I think that bodes well for him.”
Byrum – “Dylan Meyer played the match of his life.”
Papa – “Charlie Danielson, in his last putt as a collegiate golfer, rims completely out. Detry and his teammates could not believe it.”

Oregon head coach Casey Martin speaking with Golf Channel’s Steve Burkowski
Casey Martin – “We are going to go back and get some rest, which we haven’t had a lot of, and we are going to give it our all and we are going to go down swinging.”
Martin – “In college golf, you don’t get this atmosphere very often. It was my hope to bring a championship here to Eugene and to get to show off some of our fans and some of the support that the University of Oregon gets. It has been a special week. This is a week these guys will never forget in their lives. Regardless of what happens tomorrow, this has been a special, special week. We can’t wait for tomorrow afternoon.”

Illinois head coach Mike Small speaks with Golf Channel’s Curt Byrum following the match
Mike Small – “They played great. We competed all year. We compete in everything we do. They competed great today. Oregon played well. I saw several shots made from off the green. I saw a lot of putts made. The way they competed, their familiarity with the golf course played a big factor, and they beat us barely. We had a 360 on the last hole to keep this thing going and then it’s anybody’s ball game. It is about as close as a match as you can get. We played with strength all year, and we’ve done things that most programs will never do. My seniors are unreal. I am going to miss the heck out of them, and they are going to leave a mark on this program for a long, long time.”

On Texas defeating Southern California 4-1
John Cook – “There is a reason for what Beau is going through. On the 15th hole with a 4-iron, he hit a good shot but he felt something twinge in his shoulder. It actually popped out of joint.”
Burkowski – “The unlikeliest of fours for Beau Hossler on 17.”
Burkowski – “Hossler is able to survive and prevail.”
Wadkins – “What an incredible finish for Beau Hossler.”
Wadkins – “Sean Crocker is a very good player and is not afraid of much of anything.”

Texas’ Beau Hossler speaking with Golf Channel’s John Cook after the match
Beau Hossler – “It was a really good match. Always fun playing Andrew. One of my really good friends since we were 8 or 9 years old. Ironic that we go from throwing tennis balls at each other in the pool to playing out here in the NCAA’s. Obviously it was a tremendous match. He played very well. He had me on the ropes for like six holes to go. He is a really good competitor obviously.”

John Fields speaking with John Cook about Hossler and his match
John Fields – “I appreciate him finishing this hole. Looked like we might not be able to do that. He was in some pretty significant pain. Even I had told him not to, I don’t think he would have pulled off. You saw him putt it out of the bunker. I mean, who does that. But it was painful and so we’ll get some treatment and see if there is any possibility tomorrow. Most likely not at this point. But we’ll be ready for Oregon tomorrow. We are looking for it. If beau has got to be a cheerleader, he’ll be a cheerleader, if he is able to play, he’ll play.”
Fields – “I know they will be gunning for us and we’ll be gunning for them.”

Texas’ Scottie Scheffler speaking with Golf Channel’s Billy Ray Brown following the match
Scottie Scheffler – “I just tried to handle it as best as I can. I didn’t want to think about the magnitude of the situation, just to try to play my game and hit some quality shots and do my best for my team.”

USC Coach Chris Zambri speaks with Golf Channel’s Curt Byrum following the match
Chris Zambri – “This [the loss] hurts a lot. But, I was with Rico today, he played awesome. It’s a bummer to get this far and to not be able to realize a championship.”
Zambri – “We have a couple of really good players coming in. We have this whole group coming back. We just need to get better. We are just going to keep doing what we’re doing. We are in a good spot right now as a program. Today is a little disappointing, but hats off to Texas. And really excited for Oregon, Casey is a really good friend of mine, so that’s exciting.”

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